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This article is a work in-progress.

A very basic table of nicknames and proposed human names for OS-tans. All of these names are fanon at most, though the nicknames for the canon Windows-tans are canon, using them as the OS-tans' real names isn't necessarily.

In recent years, the OS-tan verse has become westernized in much of the fanon, with many of the new OS-tans having only western names. This seems to make the Japanese names and cultural practices of the Windows-tans appear out of place, but are kept for the sake of tradition and the OS-tan phenomenon's Japanese roots. As a compromise between the Japanese roots, and the more Western-style fanon, it has been proposed to try and come up with both Western and Japanese names for OS-tans whenever possible, which ever one being used (if at all), being up to individual preference, and why not? The OS-tan verse setting is already portrayed as anachronistic, why not a cultural fusion too?

List of proposed names

Character Western name Japanese name Common nickname(s)
Windows 1.0 Kazue Madobe
Windows 2.0 Niiko Madobe
Windows 3.1 Baba-chan, Baba-loli
Windows NT Mica Allchin Mika Madobe Razzle, Daytona
Windows 95 Kanoko Madobe 95-neechan, Chicago
Windows 95 OSR 2.5 Detroit, 95C
Windows 98 Hacchan Madobe Memphis
Windows 98SE Secchan Madobe
Windows 2000 (none yet?) Nisen Madobe NT 5.0, 2K-san
XP Professional (none yet?) Saseko Madobe Pekepi, Whistler
XP Home (none yet?) Homeko Madobe
Windows Vista Vistake, Visbou, Chivistan Madobe Vistan
Windows 7 n/a? Nanami Madobe Win7, NT 6.1
Windows 8 n/a? Yu & Ai Madobe, Aya Madobe Win8, 8-tan
Apple I (none yet?) Kiboriko Ringo I-okaasama
Apple II (none yet) Shiroyuki Ringo
Apple III Sara Appletree Sara Ringo
Apple Lisa Lisa Appletree Lisa Ringo
GS/OS Phoenix Appletree Phoenix Ringo Cortland, IIGS
Macintosh System 1 (none yet) Ichigo Fuji
Macintosh System 2 Nina Macintosh Nina Fuji Ahiru-chan
Macintosh System 3 Hisca Macintosh Hinoe, Mitsuko Fuji
Macintosh System 3.4 (none yet) Sayoko Fuji
Macintosh System 4 (none yet) Yoko, Shizune Fuji
Macintosh System 5 Phantom Macintosh (none yet)
Macintosh System 6 Antares Macintosh (none yet)
Macintosh System 7 (none yet) Pleiades, Subaru Fuji
Macintosh System 7.5 Amadea Macintosh Kapone Fuji
Mac OS 8 Veronica Macintosh Tempo Fuji
Mac OS 9 Sonata Macintosh Sonata Fuji
OSX Snow Leopard Snow Yuki Full name is Snow Leopard, but goes by "Snow"
Other OS-tans (to be sorted later)
Bell Labs UNIX Eunice Bell
BESYS Bethany Murray
BSD Lilith Joy
BUIC Becca Forester
Commodore VIC-20 Victoria Vixen, Volkscomputer
CRAY-1 Corina Seymour
CTSS Tess Corbató
Mertvaya Ruka Mertvaya Ruka Ruka
FLAC Florence Patrick
FUJIC Fujiko Okazaki
GCOS Glenda Oliver
GENIAC Jeanie Berkeley
Harvard Mark I Marcie Aiken
Harvard Mark II Mary Aiken
Harvard Mark III Addie Aiken
IRIX Indigo Clark
Irix Clark
Isaac Clark
Mugen Shoki (書記無限)
Ayame Shoki (書記菖蒲)
ITS Izzy Knight
KolibriOS Sachi Hachidori Kori-chan
Linux Lina Torvalds Lina GNU/Linux
LINC Dr.Lincoln
Lunar Linux Luna Moonowl Tsukibukuro (or Tsukiko) Mahoumoto
MCP Margaret Burroughs
MenuetOS Minna Turjanmaa MeOS
Multics Minerva Corbató
OpenVMS Vanessa Cutler
OS/8 Octavia DeCastro
PDP-1 Penelope Olsen
PDP-8 Kate DeCastro
QNX Quinn X. Dodge
Rainbow 100 Rain Decker
RSTS Ristess Witcraft
RSX Risa Cutler
RT-11 Rita Bell
SAGE Gina Forrester
Source Mage Kurohane Mahoumoto
VAXELN Ellen Cutler
VME Vera Boys
VMS Vanessa Cutler
WAITS Willow Stanford
Whirlwind Winifred Forrester
Plan 9 Glenda Bell
Xenix Xenia
ORDVAC Olive von Neuman
Emacs Evan MacIntyre
FASTRAND Randall Sperry "Randy"
IBM 728 Ivan van der Zee
KRONOS Konrad Fawley
QED Ted Fredericks
Selectric Samuel Almächtig
Vi Victor Joy

How to add names to the table

Table code

{|cellpadding=2 border=1 style= "background:#EFF5FB;"
|- style="background:#AFAFE9;"
|scope="col"|'''Western name'''
|scope="col"|'''Japanese name'''
|scope="col"|'''Common nickname(s)'''
|character goes here||western name||japanese name ||other nicknames

Add an entry

Look at this sample row:

|character goes here||western name||japanese name ||other nicknames

The first pipe "|" marks the start of the new row, and because scope="col" is used for each column, the other cells in the row use double pipes "||". The last entry goes to the right of the last double pipes, and is closed off with a


right below the row.

Insert it into the section you are looking for.

Notes about names


Since the debut of the semi-official Windows 7 mascot, Nanami Madobe, some fans have decided to incorporate Madobe (窓辺 "by the window") as the last name for all Windows-tans.


Their proposed last name of Fuji for their Japanese names refers to the Japanese Fuji apple.