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Character information
Common name RT-11
Human name(s) Rita Bell
First appearance 2007
Height 170 cm (5'0")
Hair color Orange-red
Eye color Bright blue
Weapon(s) Small sword
Faction formerly from the DEC Military
Lineage DEC
Technical information
System personified RT-11
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Debut 1970
Latest release 1998

Technical details

RT-11 is a small, real-time, single-user operating system for the PDP-11 family of computers. It was mostly used in process control and data acquisition in laboratory, scientific, medical and industrial equipment. RT-11 was often bundled with specialized PDP-11-based products - for instance, the GAMMA-11 nuclear medicine system and PEAK-11 gas chromatography system.

Despite its simple nature and primary use as a process control system, many programming utilities were made available for RT-11. It has been described as an ideal programming environment, due to its simple, lightweight nature and fast operation.

RT-11 spawned one derivative OS, TSX-Plus, which is still developed and supported to this day. No fewer than 7 Soviet clones of RT-11 existed; these OSes were capable of being run on Elektronika-brand mini- and microcomputers.

Character details


RT-11-tan is depicted as a lightly-built teenage girl with long reddish hair (typically tied into braids or twin-tails) and bright blue eyes. She usually wears a DEC military uniform and carries a sword; however, she is not a particularly skilled swordsman and prefers "flight" to "fight" when faced with a dangerous situation. Her demeanor is best summed up as introverted - withdrawn, anxious and overwhelmed when faced with groups of people. Because of this, she can feel somewhat out of place among her generally lively DEC peers.

Like RSX-tan in her youth, RT-11-tan is fairly low-level worker specializing in process control and data acquisition. In spite of her seeming simplicity, she is a fast and flexible spell-caster. Physically speaking, she is somewhat on the weak side, but astonishingly fleet of foot and physically-dexterous.


Family and relationships

While RT-11-tan is overwhelmed by her DEC peers, for the most part they get along. The only member who she explicitly shared a rivalry with was DOS-11-tan, while RSTS- and PDP-11-tan are especially kind and accommodating toward RT-11. She gets along well with TECO, and shares a close friendship with Vi-kun.

RT-11-tan has a number of cloned relatives. Of these clones, only one, TSX-Plus-tan, is a part of the DEC Military, as a part-time reservist. The rest belong to the Soviet Elektronika clan, and are presumed to have never actually met their genetic ancestor. RT-11-tan seems to view her clones favorably and treat them with kindness.