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Character information
Common name DOS-11-tan
Also known as DOS BATCH-11
First appearance Sep 2007
Height 150 cm (4'11")
Hair color grey
Eye color light green
Faction Deceased (died circa 1974), formerly from the DEC Military
Lineage DEC, PDP-11 line
Technical information
System personified DOS-11/BATCH-11
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation
Debut 1970
Latest release 1973-74

Technical details

DOS-11, also known as BATCH-11 is an early and short-lived OS for the DEC PDP-11. It quickly lost support in favor of the user-friendlier RT-11.

Character details

DOS-11-tan has short light grey hair, pale green eyes, and round thick-rimmed glasses. She appears to be in her mid- or late teens, and is short for her apparent age. Unlike other DEC-tans, she has never been depicted wearing a military uniform, and instead wore pleated skirts with loafers, and a sweater-vest. She has some combat experience, as she taught her younger sisters sword-wielding, but it isn't specified if she ever fought in any campaigns in their faction's military. She frequently carried a knife with her.

Representing a difficult to use OS, DOS-11-tan had a temperamental and psychotic attitude, though she still cared for her family even if she often didn't show it.

Family and relationships

She was originally portrayed as the mother to RSTS and RT-11; also PDP-11 OSes, which DOS-11 was used in the creation of and RSX, an OS from a different lineage, but also a PDP-11 OS.

With the creation of a PDP-11-tan to be the mother of all the PDP-11 OSes, she was retconned to be the older sister to the other PDP-11 OSes. She was still their main caregiver; PDP-11-tan was too busy to look after her children, that she trusted DOS-11 to look after the others since she was the oldest. Unfortunately, DOS-11-tan was the least emotionally stable among them.

Background and history

DOS-11-tan was one of the oldest DEC members, and established the faction's tradition of sword-wielding. She taught RSTS and RSX the arts of sword-wielding, but wasn't so generous towards RT-11-tan, who she clashed with a lot. Her rivalry with one of her own daughters refers to DOS-11's abandonment by many users soon after the friendlier RT-11 in 1973, and could not stand for being upstaged. The rapid loss of support took its toll on her lifeforce, which she blamed RT-11-tan for, and ultimately passed away the next year.

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