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Character information
Common name RSTS
Also known as RTSS, RSTS/E, RSTS-11, as well as other unmarketed names
Human name(s) Ristess Witcraft
First appearance 2007
Height 5'8
Hair color Silver-blonde
Eye color Burgundy
Weapon(s) Axe
Faction DEC Military
Lineage DEC, PDP-11
Rival(s) Unix
Technical information
System personified RSTS and its variants
Developer(s) DEC
Debut 2A-19, 1972
Latest release V10.1 / September 1992

Technical Details

RSTS is a general-purpose timesharing system for the PDP-11 computer. The first version was released in 1970. Called RSTS-11, it was installable only from a DOS-11. Toward the late 1970s, RSTS was no longer dependent on DOS-11, and by the mid-1980s RSTS was a fully-matured, richly-featured timesharing system with over 10,000 licensed users and an unknown number of unlicensed ones. RSTS (and the rest of the PDP-11 software line) was sold to Mentec in 1994, and soon thereafter released for free under a hobbyist license.

Character Details


Depicted as the tallest and most statuesque of the PDP-11-tans, RSTS-tan has shoulder-length silvery-blonde hair, reddish eyes and typically wears a plain burgundy DEC military blouse, dark grey pants and boots. She is generally energetic, with a great love of competition and showing off her physical strength and magical skills. Like the majority of DEC-tans, she prefers physical weapons and brute-strength to sorcery-based attacks.

In spite of RSTS-tan's competitive and sometimes borderline-boastful nature, she is good-natured, sociable and has a fine sense of humor, perhaps moreso than any of her fellow PDP-11 OS-tans. She is also the only one to make any substantial inroads into academia, though she was still somewhat unpopular compared to the Unix-tans.

Although she is generally competent, RSTS-tan is not without her faults. She was unusually slow to mature compared to many of her companions, relying on DOS-11-tan's assistance well into the 1970s. As well, she also suffered from significant security-faults and could lack physical agility at times.

History and background

Family and Relationships

RSTS-tan's only known relative is her mother, TSS/8-tan - a small timesharing-system-tan who worked alongside PDP-8-tan. DOS-11-tan helped raise and assist RSTS throughout the 1970s, and it is suspected that RSTS' size and social power within the DEC clan helped keep check on DOS-11's ill temper.

Her closest friends are RSX andRT-11, although she does sometimes have to tone down her high-energy attitude while in their presence. Despite a large age gap, and and VMS-tan get along well and associate to this day.