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Character information
Common name PDP-8
Also known as PDP-8/S, /I, /L, /e and other models
Human name(s) Katherine "Kate" deCastro
First appearance Summer 2011
Height Low 5' range
Hair color Orange
Eye color Yellow
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Formerly DEC Military
Lineage 12-bit PDP
Rival(s) Other 12-bit minicomputers
Technical information
System personified All PDP-8 models
Developer(s) DEC
Debut 22 March 1965
Latest release Circa 1979

Technical Details

Released in 1965, the 12-bit PDP-8 was DEC's first commercial success and one of the most widely-used minicomputers of its time. During its 14 year production run, DEC released 10 PDP-8 models, along with two LINC/PDP-8 combination computers (the LINC-8 and PDP-12). The PDP-8 was successful for a variety of reasons. A high rate of production, low cost and a relatively small size made it an appealing option for businesses and institutions that couldn't afford larger machines; and its simple, expandable design made it a prime machine for specialization. However this simplicity also made it somewhat cumbersome to program, and it eventually fell out of favor when smaller and more powerful microcomputers arrived.

In spite of its shortcomings, the PDP-8 remains popular among retrocomputer fans, and a large number of PDP-8s continue to be restored, used and modified. At least one PDP-8 kit computer exists and numerous PDP-8 emulators/simulators exist.

Character Details


PDP-8-tan is depicted as a small, tanned-skinned woman with yellow eyes. She wears her orange-red hair in a 60s-style flip hairdo and tends to dress in similarly retro fashion, with miniskirts and go-go boots a common occurrence in her wardrobe.

PDP-8-tan has an extroverted and bubbly personality, loves meeting people and trying new things. Her enthusiasm for new experiences gives her an edge in the job market - while she is less intelligent than many of her DEC peers, she displays an uncanny knack for picking up new skills quickly (indeed, her résumé is one of the longest and most diverse at DEC). Some believe this talent is merely a product of "dumb luck", while others posit that it is indicative of hidden genius.

Family and Relationships

PDP-8-tan considers herself the mother of all her OS-tans and is particularly close with OS/8 and TSS-8-tan. Her wife is LINC-tan, and together they have one daughter, PDP-12.

Due to her sociable nature, PDP-8-tan was likely viewed favorably by the majority of her DEC-tan peers. She has no known in-faction rivalries, although she is upset at her creator for his perceived abandonment of her and the DEC faction and his founding of their rival clan, Data General.

History and Background

Theories and Notes