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Character information
Common name OS/8
Also known as MS/8, PS/8, OS/12, MultOS/8
Human name(s) Octavia deCastro
First appearance September 2008
Height 5'2"
Hair color Black
Eye color Light green
Faction Formerly DEC Military
Lineage PDP-8
Rival(s) N/A
Technical information
System personified OS/8, all predecessors and variants
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation
Debut Circa 1966 (as MS/8)
Latest release Unknown

Technical details

Created by DEC, OS/8 is a simple operating system for the PDP-8 line of computers. It is the direct continuation of MS/8, and evolved into a number of specialized operating systems - for instance, OS/12 for the PDP-12 computer, and MultOS/8, a timesharing version of OS/8. It uses a sophisticated command language based on the one used by TOPS-10, is extremely fast and has features can be reconfigured without rebooting. However, it had no way of keeping time and its calendar was a minute 8 years in length.

Character details


OS/8-tan is represented as a flat-bodied, frail-looking young woman with pixie-cut black hair and light green eyes. She generally dresses simply and lightly in casual 1960s-contemporary fashion, but has been known to wear more elaborate outfits when the occasion calls for it.

Much like her mother PDP-8-tan, OS/8-tan is a bit on the simple side and tends to approach life with an energized attitude. She is a little less upbeat than her mom, but has an amicable personality and likes working with people. She generally dislikes large groups, but in her MultOS/8-mode she becomes somewhat more extroverted.

In spite of her seemingly delicate build, OS/8-tan is quite athletic and a notably fast runner. She is also an excellent orator and quite good at articulating her thoughts. However, she has no capacity for keeping time and tends to keep "odd hours" - sometimes starting her day in the middle of the night, staying awake for extended periods of time or sleeping during the day all common occurrences.

Family and Relationships

OS/8-tan loves and respects her (partially-adoptive) mothers, PDP-8 and LINC-tan, and generally gets along well with them. Similarly, she treats the rest of the PDP-8 OS-tans like sisters.

Outside of her own family unit, she gets along the best with TOPS-10-tan.

History and background

Theories and Notes

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