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Character information
Common name PDP-11
Also known as Various
Human name(s) Eloise Bell
First appearance Summer 2011
Height Lower-mid 5' range
Hair color Light brown
Eye color Brown
Weapon(s) N/A
Faction Formerly DEC Military
Lineage PDP
Rival(s) Various minicomputers
Technical information
System personified Various PDP-11 models
Developer(s) DEC
Debut Circa 1970
Latest release Circa 1990

Technical details

First produced in 1970, the 16-bit PDP-11 minicomputer was one of DEC's most successful mid-range minis. Like the PDP-8, the PDP-11 was employed in a wide variety of business and academic sectors, used in various real-time applications and had a very long production span (1970-1990). Although the PDP-11 was much larger and more expensive than its "predecessor", it was a more advanced design and easier to program. In all, over 40 models of PDP-11 were produced; from the large, early and iconic Unibus models, to the smaller Q-bus models, the PC-sized Professional series, to special purpose designs like the MINC-11 laboratory system and various DEC terminal systems. A number of unofficial clones, mostly Soviet and American in origin, were also created.

While the PDP-11 was a success in and of itself, it also influenced many other systems. The Motorola 68000 was loosely inspired by its design, and the DEC VAX is a direct descendant. On the software front, native PDP-11 operating systems inspired the popular microcomputer OSes CP/M and DOS. The language C is said to have been influenced by the programming environment of the PDP-11, and the PDP-11 was the second computer to run Unix - and the system that launched it to stratospheric heights of popularity.

Unfortunately, later PDP-11 offerings - in particular the Professional line - were poorly-received by users, many of whom were already migrating to smaller and cheaper systems. DEC ended the PDP-11's production run in 1990, but the PDP-11 continues to be a popular hobbyist computer and many surviving installations exist.

Character details

PDP-11-tan is depicted as a woman of average size, with short light brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. She is a modest dresser, preferring conservatively-colored turtlenecks, skirts, pantyhose and labcoats, and she also has a penchant for wearing her favorite slippers around the lab.

For such a high-profile figure in the DEC pantheon, PDP-11-tan's personality and private life remains enigmatic. She generally works in the scientific feilds, but like her predecessor/co-worker PDP-8-tan, she is quite adaptable and can take odd jobs when the need be. She's known to be rather fond of traveling and maintains private and professional contacts all around the world; and also has a reputation for being a ladies' lady and is rumored to be particularly attracted - and attractive - to the various early Unix-tans. She also seems to be something of a creature of comfort, at least if her generally laid-back nature and casual dress style serve any indication.

Family and relationships

With other DEC-tans

To the best of anyone's knowledge, PDP-11-tan got along well with the various DEC hardware and OS-tans, but had a somewhat distant relationship with her OS-tan "children". Being too busy to raise them personally, she left RSX and RT-11-tan in the care of their elder sister DOS-11-tan, who relished the opportunity to take care of them but did a generally bad job of it - being far too psychologically- and physically-unstable to be an adequate caregiver.

With Unix-tans