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Character information
Common name RSX-11
Also known as IAS, P/OS, fka RSX-15
First appearance 2007
Height 170 cm (5'7")
Hair color Dark gray
Eye color Hazel
Weapon(s) Small sword
Faction CIOST, formerly from the DEC Military
Lineage DEC
Technical information
System personified RSX
Developer(s) Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC)
Debut 1972
Latest release 1999

Technical details

RSX-11 is a family of more than 10 operating systems developed by DEC for the PDP-11line of computers. RSX is quite distinct from the other PDP-11 OS offerings made by DEC, both in design and history. RSX-11 is a modified version of RSX-15, an OS used on the PDP-15; RSX-15, in turn, hailed from a Bunker-Ramo RW-300 process control system (circa late 1950s).

RSX-11 started off as a humble paper-tape real-time executive, only bootable from DOS-11; later on it evolved into a multiuser system, then a fully-fledged timesharing system. Although it was primarily designed for and used in process control applications, it gained a following as a 'general-purpose' operating system.

RSX-11 is the direct ancestor of OpenVMS and Windows NT, and inspired the creation of at least one known Soviet clone, DOS/RV (OCPB-CM).

Character details

At this date, RSX-tan personifies both RSX-15 and the various flavors of RSX-11.

RSX-tan is depicted as a somewhat tall and lightly-built woman with medium skintone, longish dark gray hair and grayish-hazel eyes. She generally forgoes the typical DEC uniform in favor of a casual split-front dress over loose pants, or a jumpsuit and flat shoes.

RSX-tan is a classically-trained fencer and experienced combat-swordsman. While she prefers physical weapons to magical ones, she possesses a knowledge of, and is known known to practice, sorcery, unlike the majority of her DEC kin.

Design revisions

RSX-tan was originally depicted as being black haired and blue-eyed.


Little is known of RSX-11-tan's early life. Evidence suggests her genetic origins lie not at DEC, but in a very obscure Bunker-Ramo OS-tan called RW-300. She began life around the year 1970s, as a low-level OS-tan assigned to PDP-15 and working mostly menial jobs.

In 1972 she was assigned to PDP-11-tan, with DOS-11-tan serving as a mentor of sorts. Although she was still a low-level worker, she became more magically-powerful with time, and by the mid-1970s she had escaped the office and factory and emerged as a somewhat popular timesharing system-tan, rivaling the popularity of the better-established RSTS-tan in some instances. While she secured an intellectually-fulfilling career and comfortable place in the DEC hierarchy, RSX-tan stays true to her humble roots and prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Like many of her old coworkers and friends, RSX-11-tan now lives a comfortable semi-retirement as a hobbyist system.

Family and relationships

For the most part, RSX-11-tan views DOS-11 as an adoptive mother-figure, and seems to be largely unaware of and uninterested in her true heritage. In 1977, RSX-11-tan mothered VMS, who would quickly become the most powerful OS-tan at DEC (and arguably one of the strongest in OS-tan society). Sometime in the 1980s, her second daughter, VAXELN, was created, but it is unknown if they ever had any real interactions, as VAXELN was born and raised in Seattle - thousands of miles from RSX's primary residence in Eastern Massachusetts.

RSX-tan seems to get along with her DEC peers well and has no known enemies. She is especially close with RSTS, TOPS-10, PDP-11 and PDP-10-tan.

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