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The Confederation of Independent OS-tans (CIOST) is a loosely-organized faction of OS-tans that have agreed to defend each other, and their continued independence. Its members do not live together, and do not convene often, but have enough recognition to be considered a faction. Superficially, its members don't seem different from the Wanderer Class, but the members of the CIOST fiercely defend their independence, and most wanderers do not.

It would be an extremely powerful faction if its members united, and they could succeed on taking on the Windows Family or the Linux/Unix Consortium, but most CIOST members prefer the decentralized direction of the faction. When divided, several of its members are not that powerful on their own. The faction usually not seen as much of an inspiration, but some of its members joined later because they were inspired by the ideals of the CIOST, and what they could do when its members work together.


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The CIOST was founded by VMS-tan in 1998, shortly after her original faction, the DEC Military was conquered by HP. A few years prior to this, the DEC Military was already weakened after losing a lot of territory to Windows NT-tan. Having to work for the company that conquered her while most of her relatives were scattered away was humiliating to her, and she sympathized with the many OS-tans who have lost out to the larger and more powerful factions.

She traveled the world to seek other OS-tans who were affected, so they could combine their skills and resources to defend each others' independence, and to take on the larger and more powerful factions.