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The Wanderer Class


As stated, this is really a class of OS-tans and not a faction thereof, since there is no organization or membership to speak of. A Wanderer is a slang term for an unaligned OS-tan, someone who either travels too much within different factions to settle down in one, or wants to live a completely independent life with no strings attached, or who simply isn't aware-enough of the ways of the world to know that factions exist. As the Wanderer Class is a catch-all term, the number of OS-tans falling under this group is currently unknown, although the number is expected to be as great as the number of obscure systems around the world (and their derivatives).

While the independent life of a Wanderer may sound particularly enticing, the reality of the challenges involved cannot be understated enough. Living alone, without the protection of a group or any inherit means of defense, leaves the poor OS-tan vulnerable to attacks by misfits, bootlegs, hackers, viruses and any number of real-world dangers. Even worse, the danger of fading into obscurity becomes exponentially greater for a Wanderer. It is for this reason that factions such as the Binteeji Renmei often try to recruit Wanderers, although the stigma of the vintage label may turn off more than a fair share of them still convinced of their own self-worth.

Known OS-tans in the Wanderer Class

Annex Bios

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Ever since there have been OS-tans in this OS-tan 'universe', there have been some who were not in any faction for one reason or another.

The OS-tans of the Binteeji Renmei were all wanderers at some point, most of them having become wanderers when abandoned or exiled by their parent company/faction, or after their family disbanded due to bankruptcy/being bought out/etc.

OSC Notes

While the Binteeji Renmei tries to recruit wanderers into their faction to help them improve their lives, most wanderers refuse because they fall under the assumptions that the paths to prosperity and redemption can only be achieved alone. Many also believe that joining the Binteeji Renmei is akin to giving up their dreams to retirement and would rather risk dying alone in obscurity.

The lives of the wanderers is essentially every OS-tan for herself and many of them live in isolated places but have the freedom to live as they want to (if they can).