Lunar Linux

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Lunar Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Lunar Linux-tan
Also known as Luna-tan
First appearance Apr 2008
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Hair color black
Eye color light yellow
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Linux, Sorcerer branch
Technical information
System personified Lunar Linux
Developer(s) Lunar Linux Team
Debut early 2002
Latest release v.1.6.1 (Feb 18 2007)

Character Details

There are three known renditions of Lunar Linux-tan. The first is represented as a wizard girl with short, spiky black hair partly in pigtails (to mimic the horned owl in the Lunar Linux logo); light yellow eyes, a wizard hat and wears a wizard robe over a white dress, and also usually has on rollerskates.

The second is represented as a Unix programmer with short, wavy teal hair, glasses, and has antennae on her head for connecting with her moon base and wears a black T-shirt and metallic blue leggings.

Elements from the two designs have been combined, with the appearance of the first design and personality elements from the second.

She is a skilled programmer highly knowledgeable of the Unices, and the old-school hacker culture, although she doesn't flaunt those too much. She is witty, likes to joke around and likes animals -her favorites being owls, penguins and squirrels.

Lunar Linux-tan is Sorcerer Linux-tan's first daughter and Source Mage-tan's older sister. Lunar Linux-tan's and Source Mage-tan's relation with their mother is shaky at best, but they are close sisters often seen together.

She takes after Sorcerer Linux-tan a lot, but instead of identifying as a witch, Lunar-tan identifies as a wizard and is less strict.

History and background

Lunar Linux-tan was born in late 2001-early 2002, cloned from Sorcerer Linux-tan without her knowledge, but wasn't abandoned until shortly after Source Mage's creation, Sorcerer-tan saw them as unauthorized clones and abandoned them. Even after Sorcerer-tan's attitude softened up towards them, she is still reluctant to have them follow in her footsteps. Lunar-tan and Source Mage-tan have lived as wanderers for much of their lives, and spent much of their time honing their skills, in part hoping for Sorcerer's approval at long last.