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Source Mage GNU/Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Source Mage-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance Apr 2008
Height 150 cm (4'11")
Hair color black
Eye color light red
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Linux, Sorcerer branch
Technical information
System personified Source Mage GNU/Linux
Developer(s) Source Mage GNU/Linux Community
Debut 4 Apr 2002
Latest release (Mar 27 2007)

Character Details

Source Mage is an advanced Linux distribution, based off and built from the remnants of Sorcerer Linux.

Source Mage-tan is represented as an introverted and compassionate mage girl who is a strong supporter of freedom and free software. She resembles a younger version of Sorcerer Linux-tan and has long black hair, light red eyes, wears a black robe, grey boots, and a red shawl decorated with feathers. She is always accompanied by at least one pet raven or crow. She is also very tolerant, respectful of others and regarded as a little eccentric- she requires new acquaintances to make a social contract with her. Her advocacy of freedom, tolerant attitude and requirement of a social contract are references to Source Mage's social contract: Source Mage stays free and is built using only free software although the user is still permitted to use non-free software if they want.

She is Lunar Linux-tan's younger sister and Sorcerer Linux-tan's daughter, and is very advanced with great potential that equals or even surpasses that of Sorcerer Linux-tan. Her sense of devotion to magic and magic terminology takes after Sorcerer-tan, and shares Lunar Linux-tan's cheerfulness and fondness of animals (her favorite being birds- ravens and crows especially). Source Mage-tan and Lunar Linux-tan do not see their mother often (having a relationship that is shaky at best) but the two sisters are close and often seen together.

OSC Notes

She is actually Sorcerer Linux-tan's reanimated clone, magically created from the remnants of Sorcerer-tan's old body when it allegedly got destroyed in an accident. This is a parallel to how Source Mage was created from remnants of Sorcerer after it was temporarily taken offline.