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Darwin OS
Character information
Common name Darwin OS
First appearance Dec 2006
Height 137 cm (4'6")
Hair color blonde
Eye color green
Weapon(s) guns borrowed from NeXTSTEP-tan.
Faction Wanderer Class, honorary member of the House Of Mac
Lineage BSD Unix
Technical information
System personified Darwin OS, the kernel of Mac OSX
Developer(s) Apple Inc.
Debut 16 Mar 1999
Latest release v.9.x (still maintained)

Darwin OS-tan is represented as a small girl with green eyes, and short, wavy blonde pigtails in a similar style as NeXTSTEP-tan's. Her outfits are mainly in white with black decorations, are lightweight and practical for adventuring in. She is accompanied by a horned platypus (Darwin's mascot) which she keeps as a pet, and she often accompanies NeXTSTEP-tan when adventuring, or Rhapsody-tan when at the Mac House.

One of her endeavors is collecting and cataloging bugs. Referencing her namesake, she also studies evolutionary biology.

Her resemblance to NeXTSTEP-tan and Mac-tan/Mac OSX-tan is because she is the 'missing link' between the two OSes. She is Mac OSX Server-tan's first daughter, is the older sister of the OSX-tans and younger stepsister to the Classic Mac-tans. Darwin OS-tan loves all of her relatives of the Apple Family but is mainly seen accompanying NeXTSTEP-tan or one Mac OSX-tans.