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Character information
Common name MorphOS-tan
Also known as MorphOS 1-tan
First appearance Dec 2006
Technical information
System personified MorphOS 1.x
Developer(s) The MorphOS Development Team
Debut ?
Latest release v.1.4.5 (circa 2008)

Technical Details

MorphOS is an AmigaOS-like operating system designed to run on Freescale PowerPC architecture, and certain Amiga hardware equipped with a PPC accelerator card, and can run 68k AmigaOS applications. Support was later added to some PPC Macs with a PowerPC G4 or G5 CPU.

Character details

MorphOS 1.x-tan is represented as a teenage girl with luminescent blue eyes and blue hair tied into pigtails. She also has glowing butterfly wings on her back (blue, as in the color of the Morpho butterfly) and her hair is tied with a pair of bows that match her wings and have antennae attached. She typically dresses as a schoolgirl with a lilac blazer, white shirt, red tie, purple skirt and brown boots but she is also a magical girl who dresses in a variety of futuristic, butterfly-themed outfits when on duty as a magical girl.

She is friendly, elegant, extroverted and strong-willed, she is very protective of her younger sisters AROS-tan and MorphOS 2.x-tan and gets along very well with their mother Amiga-tan, even though they don't get to see Amiga-tan very often.

OSC Notes

MorphOS-tan, along with her sisters are technically Amiga-tan's "clones" but Amiga-tan refers to them as her daughters because she has a close emotional relationship with them. MorphOS-tan, MorphOS 2.x-tan and AROS-tan live as wanderers and band together.