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Character information
Common name AROS
Also known as Amiga Research Operating System, AROS Research OS
First appearance 2007
Height High 4' range
Hair color Off-white
Eye color Deep yellow
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Amiga
Rival(s) n/a
Technical information
System personified AROS
Developer(s) AROS Development Team
Debut 1996
Latest release n/a, current

Technical details

AROS is an open-source Amiga-like operating system that aims to be multimedia-oriented and compatible with AmigaOS at an API level. It runs on a variety of architectures, including PPC, x86, ARM and m68k (allowing it to run on the Amiga 1200).

Character details


AROS-tan is a young girl of perhaps 10 or 12, with long, slightly waved cream-white hair with bangs, light skin, yellow cat-like eyes and navy blue, white-tipped cat ears and a tail. She has been depicted in winter-wear in most drawings, with navy blue tights, a long, teal-and-white-piped fur-lined coat, burgundy shawl, red earmuffs and white gloves.

Her pet is known simply as "AROS Kitty" - a rather ornery-looking black cat with white paws, a tuft of white hair on the top of his head and yellow eyes.

Family and Relationships

AROS-tan's mother is Amiga-tan and her older sister is MorphOS-tan.