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Outdated Information

Information in this article is more outdated than 5.25" floppy disks and the fears of Y2K, among other things. You can help by replacing it with information that's up-to-date.

Barbie Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Barbie Linux-tan
Also known as Barbie OS
First appearance Sep 2006
Height 221 cm (7'3")
Hair color blonde
Eye color light blue
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage unknown
Technical information
System personified Barbie OS
Developer(s) unknown
Debut announced in 2006, might have been a hoax
Latest release n/a

Technical details

Barbie Linux is a Linux distribution that was announced in the spring of 2006, but there are very few technical details, no screenshots and few articles still in existence so it has likely been debunked as a hoax. In the articles, Barbie Linux was said to be a user-friendlier replacement for Windows XP marketed towards young girls.

Character details

A Barbie Linux-tan exists anyways, represented as an extremely tall woman with long blonde hair, a pink and white minidress and high-heeled shoes. She often wears polka-dotted ribbons as accessories. The Barbie Linux GUI was said to have rounded windows and a polka-dot theme to it.

Despite her extreme height and being the tallest living non-mainframe OS-tan, she is hardly intimidating- even to small children and OS-tans. She is very friendly (although blunt and childish at times); likes cute things and is very outgoing around girls but shies away from guys, believing they still have the 'cooties'.

Barbie Linux-tan is well-liked among the Mac-tans, most of the Vintage-tans and liberal-minded Linux-tans but is derided by the more conservative Linux-tans and Unix-tans for being a 'sellout' or a 'phony' and she regards XP Pro-tan and Vistan as rivals.

Her closest friends are Atari TOS-tan , Coleco Adam-tan, Bliss-tan and Mac OS 9-tan.

OSC Notes

Barbie Linux-tan is a wanderer who lives on her own and has an assortment of part-time jobs to make money; mainly as a model, fashion designer and dress maker. And while she needs all the money she can get to continue funding her shops and hire different-sized models for her dresses; she does not mind giving away a few of her dresses, especially to the Vintage-tans.

She doesn't have much interest in being a fighter but she is capable of defending herself, having lived as a wanderer for nearly her whole life.