Damn Small Solaris

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Character information
Common name MilaX
Also known as Damn Small Solaris
First appearance summer 2008
Height 18 cm (0'7")
Hair color red-brown
Eye color lilac
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Unix, hybrid branch
Technical information
System personified MilaX
Developer(s) unknown
Debut summer 2008
Latest release unknown

MilaX, formerly known as Damn Small Solaris, is a miniaturized implementation of OpenSolaris. It takes up 50 MB or less, as with its former namesake Damn Small Linux.

Milax-tan is Solaris-tan's younger sister, who manages her coffee shop when she's gone. Solaris-tan is frequently absent, either attending Linux/Unix Consortium meetings or coming up with plots to one-up Linux-tan, which annoys MilaX-tan from time to time. What makes her unexpected coffee shop duties worth it is when Solaris-tan recognizes her efforts. She is generally calm, humble and cheerful, and one of the few who can calm Solaris-tan down when she's in a rage, but would rather stay neutral.

She is a wanderer to show her neutrality, and bands together with Damn Small Linux-tan and Evoke-tan.