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Linux/Unix Consortium
Founder: Unix, Linux
Leader: Unix, Linux
Matriarch: Unix and Linux as main matriarchs to all Unices and Linuces, BSD is one to her direct descendants.
Type of faction: Formal alliance and merger between the Linux Union and Unix Family.
Main social roles: Technocrats, industrialists, 'old guard' Unices, and more well-known Linuces.
Territory: Highly industrialized, but decentralized. Most members don't live together.
Established: circa 1995-96
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: Linux Union, Unix Family
Successor: current


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Unix wasn't born an aristocrat but through acquired wealth, influence, and some sheer force of will, she made her family into a quasi-royalty with its own 'throne'.

In the 1970's, the number of Unix's descendants grew. Her first descendant was Tynix-tan, born in 1972-73, who was friendly and unassuming, not corrupted by her family's later growth in numbers and power.

Rise to power, and self-destruction

In the 1980's, the Unix Family was a powerful faction, Unix a powerful and ruthless matriarch who had already conquered many territory from rivals such as the DECs, the Crays and other mainframes. Unix spoiled her daughters because she thought it would help them become great and powerful, but when the issue of an heiress to the Unix throne arisen in the late 80's, what Unix intended went horribly wrong, and led to the Unix Wars.

The family began to selfdestruct and tear itself apart by power struggles, and was further undermined by Windows NT-tan and her forces who conquered the server OS market, where the Unices were once dominant.

In the early 90's, Plan 9-tan, Unix's direct successor was born and nominated to be the heiress to the Unix throne, but rejected because she did not want to lead a self-destructive regime, and instead started her own group and dynasty.

Aftermath of the Unix Wars

In the aftermath, the Unices could barely trust each other at all, there was still no nominated heiress, and the era was still filled with violence, given that a lot of their war-torn and effectively abandoned former territories were being usurped by NT-tan's forces. And much to their chagrin, a lot of these territories did not put uprise against the invaders, but rather welcomed their new Windows masters.

By that time, the Linux Union was around but was only a fledgeling faction and did not have a lot of power. It wasn't until recent years that the Linux Union has grown in strength and power, rivaling the remains of the Unix Family. After the Unix Wars, Unix was a changed person and befriended Linux-tan and the two of them merged their factions into the Linux/Unix Consortium. But despite Unix and Linux-tan being friends, accompanied by Minix-tan who serves as an excellent mediator, the alliance is shaky at best due to the severe conflict in ideology, with the many of the other Unices and Linuces clashing with each other. Also not helping them is Unix's own short temper against her daughters' in-fighting.