Puppy Linux

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Puppy Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Puppy Linux-tan
Also known as Puppy-chan
First appearance 2007
Height 145 cm (4'9")
Hair color blonde
Eye color brown
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, unknown branch
Technical information
System personified Puppy Linux
Developer(s) Barry Kauler
Debut circa 2005
Latest release circa 2010

Technical Details

Puppy Linux is a lightweight, user-friendly Linux distro.

Character Details

Puppy Linux-tan was first drawn by an artist known as Bella. Puppy Linux-tan is the personification of Puppy Linux, a small, lightweight distro, most often run entirely off of a computer's RAM; Via LiveCD, USB drive, etc.

Puppy Linux-tan is depicted as a blonde haired, brown eyed dog-girl of small stature. She's of a young age, both as a reference to the distro's name (puppy) and as the distro's unusually small size.

Her attitude is spirited and energetic (due to her young age, and as an injoke referring to Puppy Linux's speed). She enjoys playing with other dog-girls (both Linux and otherwise) and sometimes chases cat-girls, though always in good fun. She's also a bit tomboyish, not one for frills or fancy dresses. Sometimes, though, she will wear a Windows 98-tan-like schoolgirl outfit. Both are references to Puppy Linux's somewhat utilitarian, and Windows 95/98-like GUI.