Linux XP

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Linux XP-tan
Character information
Common name Linux XP-tan
First appearance 2007
Height unknown
Hair color varies
Eye color varies
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux (unknown branch)
Technical information
System personified Linux XP
Developer(s) Enabled People, Trustverse
Debut 2005
Latest release Linux XP Desktop 2008?

Character Details

Linux XP is a Linux distribution that very closely mimics Windows XP. Multiple, very different-looking variations of Linux XP-tan exist but they are all the same character and all variations look like a cross between Linux-tan and one of the XP-tans. She likes to dress up like that, to the dismay of her Linux relatives.

She can be generous but charges people after consulting her so many times as Linux XP is shareware. In the spirit of Linux, Linux XP is free to download but like Windows XP, it will require an activation key (after the 99th boot-up and also costs $19.99). Although it doesn't seem like it at a first glance, she is still proud of her Linux heritage. Her closest friends are Linspire-tan and Freespire-tan, fellow Windows-esque Linux-tans and outcasts in the Linux+Unix-tan community.