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Character information
Common name BSD
Also known as Berkeley Software Distribution, Berkeley Unix
Human name(s) Lilith Joy
First appearance 2007
Height mid-5' range
Hair color Indigo
Eye color Teal
Weapon(s) Trident and other melee weapons
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage BSD Unix (Matriarch)
Rival(s) VMS, various Unices
Technical information
System personified Berkeley Software Distribution
Developer(s) UC Berkeley, Computer Systems Research Group
Debut 1977
Latest release 4.4-Lite2 / 1995

Technical details

The Berkeley Software Distribution, better known as BSD, is an early Unix version developed at UC Berkeley. It was originally developed on the DEC PDP-11, but soon ported to the VAX, where it became the dominant operating system on that architecture. BSD was the first Unix system to come with libraries supporting network sockets (allowing for data to be easily transmitted across networks) and had advanced networking capabilities for its time. Coupled with its well-documented nature, permissive license and in-kernel compatibility layer, BSD became a popular choice as an academic and research system.

BSD was the original foundation system of Solaris, and spawned a number of other proprietary OSes throughout the 1980s. It is best known today for its modern descendants, especially the various open-sourced BSDs, NeXTSTEP, and Mac OS X.

Character details


BSD-tan is depicted as a young woman with long, sleek dark blue hair and keen-looking teal eyes. She is considerably more curvy than UNIX-sama or the other 1970s-era Unices, though not a great deal more mature - herself being aged only to her early-to-mid 20s. She generally dresses in casual attire, although she has also been depicted in simplistic formalwear and military-style outfits - in particular, a navy-blue uniform with white trim and yellow hair decorations. She has been depicted with both actual horns and horn-like hair-protrusions on the sides of her head.

BSD-tan displays the intelligence and scholarly nature of a Unix, but with an extroversion and social ease not seen in Unix-tans before her. Similarly, she is somewhat on the hedonistic side, something that puts her at odds with her austere mother. Her inclination toward indulgence is likely a result of her comfortable upbringing; she was well-provided for and experienced few of the challenges faced by her mother and elder sisters.

Being a Unix-tan, it seems likely that BSD-tan possessed some sort of magical power. However, she hasn't been depicted as using sorcery in any written descriptions - at least not in a self-defense capacity.

Her preferred weapon is a streamlined trident, however she is quite apt with all varieties of melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat.

Family and relationships

BSD-tan is one of the most sociable members of the Unix family, and as such has made a wide variety of friends and acquaintances.

History and Background

Theories and Notes