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HURD-Tan pic.png
Character information
Common name GNU/HURD
Also known as The HURD
Human name(s) Hera Stallman
First appearance Spring 2007
Height 5'4 (163 cm)
Hair color Purple with pink streaks
Eye color Yellow
Weapon(s) No known weapon
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Unix-like
Rival(s) Various Unix-tans, Linux-tans
Technical information
System personified GNU/HURD
Developer(s) GNU Project
Debut unknown, development started in 1984, release of version 1.0 originally planned for 1990.
Latest release L1 (19 Oct 2009)

Technical details

The HURD (aka: GNU/HURD) is not only the only Operating System with an indirectly recursive name (HURD stands for HIRD of Unix-replacing daemons where HIRD stands for HURD of interfaces representing depth), it is also a an ambitious project aiming to surpass Unix in functionality. The HURD uses a Mach microkernel on that, a set of servers for different services. Due to the ambitiousness of the project and the difficulties with the Mach microkernel, the HURD in under development since 1990 and still only reached version 0.2. It was expected to reach 1.0 in 'half a year' since 1990, but still hasn't, in 20 years of development!

Character details

HURD-tan is represented as a woman with short purple hair, and wearing a tuxedo. She works as waitress, serving food and drinks, as reference to the servers of the HURD. She is a college student, and is very perfectionistic, yet procrastinates a lot with her work. She is the type who would rather turn in a blank sheet than an inelegant solution, and does not care for much else.

She dislikes most of the Linux distro-tans, especially Linux-tan since she still feels a lot of anger towards her, and believes that Linux-tan stole something very important from her; Linux developed from the GNU project as well but vastly overshadows HURD. Debian-tan is an exception, and in recent years has been able to trust Arch Linux-tan and Gentoo-tan, referencing the HURD variants based off those distros. [1]

Her studies and work leave her so busy that she's not exactly aware of most OS-tans, not even many of the Windows-tans either! Whenever she does interact with others, she prefers to be with fellow geeky OS-tans.

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