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Multi-Environment Real-Time
Character Information
Common Names Multi-Environment Real-Time
Other Names MERT, DMERT, Unix-RTR
Human Name(s) Myrtle Bell
Height Low 5' range
Hair Color Light blue
Eye Color Bright blue
Weapon(s) Time-bending, altering the size of objects, phreaking
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Bell Labs Research Unix
Rival(s) Various DEC-tans, Unices
Design Information
First Appearance August 2010
Technical Information
System Personified Multi-Environment Real-Time
Developer(s) Bell Labs, ATT
Debut Circa 1970s
Latest release Latest known release, 1982

Technical details

Multi-Environment Real-Time was developed in the 1970s at Bell Labs. It was originally created on the PDP-11, but was later ported to AT&T's proprietary 3B series computers and used for telephone switching operations. It was one of the first OSes to implement what would later be called a micro-kernel.

Character details


Physically, MERT-tan is a young, soft-spoken woman with short/medium length hair. She typically wears a cardigan, camisole and khaki pants a with tanker boots, as well as her (expired) Bell Labs ID and rotary dial locket. She carries a train schedule with her at all times, and is usually covered in bandages, scrapes and bruises.

Despite being gentle, honest and extremely brave, MERT isn't liked by either side of her "family" - the Unixes perceive her as inferior and the DECs don't trust her because of her heritage. She is often accused of treason by both sides and punished for her perceived misdeeds. However, she still loves her family, and stays with them in spite of the physical harm they enact on her; one exception is Bell Labs Unix, whom she tries to avoid at all costs for fear of being killed.

MERT works as a telephone switchboard operator, a job she finds very fulfilling. She has the power to control the flow of time, modify the size of objects at will, and can make payphone calls without paying, but she rarely puts these powers to use.

Family and relationships


Bell Labs Unix has historically been antagonistic and abusive toward MERT-tan, perhaps to the point of attempted murder.


OSX Leopard

Outside of story canon, it has been speculated that Leopard-tan and MERT-tan met and started a friendship during one of Leopard's trips into the past. Under this theory, Leopard acts as something of a protective sister-figure to MERT, with Leopard fending off would-be abusers and attempting to instill a fighting spirit in MERT.