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Character information
Common name Gentoo
Also known as FKA Enoch
First appearance 2006
Hair color Brown or sky blue
Eye color Blue, amber or lilac
Weapon(s) Spear, has been depicted with tools
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Gentoo branch
Technical information
System personified Gentoo
Developer(s) Gentoo Foundation
Debut 2002
Latest release 2012

Technical details

Gentoo is a Linux distribution that aims for a high level of adapability - indeed, its typical installation method involves being complied from source, allowing a user to tailor their OS installation to their computer's hardware and personal needs. Because of this, it is considered something of an advanced distro.

Character details

Physical depictions

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Juzo-kun's Gentoo

Three versions of Gentoo-tan exist. Juzo-kun's Gentoo-tan has long brown hair, ember eyes, wields a spear and dons a futuristic, silvery-colored body suit, boots and armor on her arms and chest, as well as a penguin-bill-like visor. Bella's depiction of Gentoo is based on this design with minimal changes - drawn in business-attire and having light purple eyes. The artist VonDaab proposed a more radical redesign, depicting Gentoo-tan as a mechanic in a black tanktop and cargo pants, work boots, a toolbelt, steampunk-like goggles, with medium-lenght choppy light blue hair and darker blue eyes. She is drawn holding tools, reflecting the nature of her work.


Family and Relationships

History and Background


Theories and Notes