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Character information
Common name AIX
First appearance 2008 (pre-concept), 2011 (finished)
Hair color Forest green with lime green highlights
Eye color Green
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Unix
Technical information
System personified AIX
Developer(s) IBM
Debut Circa 1986
Latest release 2012

Technical details

Character details


Originally, AIX-tan was depicted as an elegant woman with lilac hair and similarly-colored eyes, wearing a fusion of business-wear and frilly women's attire, an allusion to AIX's supposed Multics heritage. A later concept put her in more utilitarian and futuristic clothing - a tight-fitting jacket, small tie, cargo-like pants, boots and long hair, generally tied in a ponytail, and blunt-cut side-swept bangs. OSC user Paul further developed her design: giving her dual-tone green hair, an AIX logo hairclip and an IBM "POWER" tattoo and depicting her as tall, extremely strong, analytically-minded and business-like but bordering on paranoia when it comes to matters of personal security, often asking that people display verification before she interacts with them. She does this not because she is "mean" or difficult, but because she is powerful, high-ranking and appropriately careful about her own safety. Like many Unices, AIX possesses magical abilities; in her case, the ability to project copies of herself.

Family and Relationships

As a high-ranking Unix-tan, AIX is well-respected and valued by UNIX-tan. Unusual for a proprietary Unix, AIX is quite fond of Linux-tan and is friends with her, and also associates with VM/CMS-tan.

History and Background


Theories and Notes