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Outdated Information

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Character information
Common name SCO UNIX-tan
Also known as OpenServer-tan
First appearance Apr 2007
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Hair color blue
Eye color blue
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Unix, direct descendant of Xenix
Technical information
System personified SCO Unix and its variants (SCO Open Desktop, OpenServer)
Developer(s) The SCO Group (until 2011), Xinuos (2011-present)
Debut SCO UNIX System V/386 Release 3.2.0 (1989)
Latest release OpenServer 5 Definitive 2018 and OpenServer 6 Definitive 2018

Technical details

SCO UNIX is the successor of Microsoft's Xenix, created after Microsoft transfered ownership of Xenix to SCO in the late 1980's. The first version of SCO UNIX was a basic desktop OS, but has become an integrated product with add-ons as SCO Open Desktop, became an OS for online services as SCO OpenServer. Today, SCO OpenServer is the most widely-used version of SCO Unix, used in small and medium businesses, in banks, stock exchanges, and database servers.

Character details

General details

SCO Unix-tan is Xenix-tan's daughter, represented as a stern-looking business woman with short blue hair, glasses, and a suit; her suits are mainly plain business suits, and her glasses are oval-shaped. She is a member of the Linux/Unix Consortium, has hordes of lawyers, and a belligerent attitude; notorious for filing lawsuits against those who wrong her, justified or not.

Family and relationships

She has always been treacherous and suspicious, but has over the years become paranoid-delusional. She believes that she is UNIX's true heiress, and sees Linux-tan, among others, as stealing her birthright.

Her strongest and detrimental belief is her claim that Linux-tan is a illegitimate Unix descendant who has come come to overthrow the traditional Unix Family. She is appalled that UNIX trusts Linux-tan so much, and wants to gain UNIX's attention to 'warn her of the future destroyer of the Unix family'.

For this reason, she is distrustful, or even malicious towards the Linux-tans. Yet, she has attempted alliances with them, but most of them failed. Her only known successful alliance was with UnixWare-tan when UnixWare transferred from Novell to the SCO Group in 1995.

Her arch-rivals include AIX-tan, Linux-tan, Red Hat Linux-tan, SuSE-tan.

SCO Unix-tan's lawsuit-happy attitude is a reference to SCO's lawsuits against Novell, claiming that SCO still owned the copyright to UNIX and Unix Ware, when it turned out that Novell does.

She has a lot of enemies, but is liked by the professional Windows-tans.

History and background

SCO Unix-tan grew up mostly in isolation, and almost never saw her mother, and the Unix Wars were beginning by the time she was born, so she wasn't able to trust any of her sisters either.

While serving in the war, she saw Xenix being widely disliked by her troops, and by rival Unices willing to unite in their hate towards her, but wasn't able to help, as she always got 'relocated'.

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