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Character information
Common name Xenix-tan
Also known as Microsoft's Unix, Xenix-sama
Human name(s) Xenia
First appearance Apr 2007
Height 163 cm (5'4")
Hair color aquamarine
Eye color amber-green
Weapon(s) wire garrote
Faction deceased, formerly of the IBM-Microsoft Family, and loosely affiliated with the old Unix Family.
Lineage Unix, hybrid branch (Version 7 + BSD)
Rival(s) Most other Unices.
Technical information
System personified All Xenix releases until v. 2.3.4
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut circa 1980
Latest release v.2.3.4 (1989)

Technical details

Xenix was a version of Unix developed by Microsoft in the 1980's. Xenix was predominantly based off of AT&T's Version 7 Unix but also incorporated elements from BSD (unlike other Version 7 Unix derivatives) and originally ran on the DEC PDP-11, but was later ported to the x86 architecture, a line of Tandy computers, and the Apple Lisa. Xenix was later acquired by the SCO Group and continued development as SCO Unix.

Character details


Xenix-tan is of average height, and has shoulder-length aquamarine hair that has side-bangs that frame her face. Her eyes are green in the middle with amber rims, and she usually has a stern expression. She wears a maid's bonnet with a dark green dress (color of the Xenix floppy disk sleeves) under a black and white blouse with a white X-shaped bow on the back.


Serving as the guardian of the Microsoft-IBM Family of the 1980's, and taking her job very seriously, she was extremely loyal and caring to the other OS-tans she looked after. Her friendship with Altair-tan, and looking after the Microsoft-IBM OS-tans brought out a compassionate side of her personality, but it did not extend to other people. Aside from them, she is otherwise notoriously strict, uncompromising,and extremely inflexible when it came to rules. She was also not the type to take a joke. In particular, she did not tolerate anything being a minute late, or even early, demanding everything be done right on time, or else. She did not get along with very many people, and few missed her after her forced retirement and death. She is survived by her daughter, SCO Unix-tan.

She was hated by the Unix Family. Her loyalty to the Microsoft-IBM Family (later Microsoft Family) was uncompromising, even when the Microsoft Family started encroaching onto Unix territory.


She was a mediocre sorceress among a lineage of remarkable sorcerers, but excelled at melee combat; her weapon being a slender but powerful fiber wire which was primarily used for sneaky assassinations towards threatening program-tans.

History and background

Quickly after her 1980 debut, Xenix-tan became friends with MITS Altair 8800-tan and wrote a biography about her. They briefly raised QDOS-tan together, but after Altair's forced exile by company higher-ups, she was not allowed to speak of Altair-tan to the family.

Xenix-tan was first hired to be a servant and bodyguard for the soon-to-be Microsoft-IBM Family, but quickly demonstrated leadership qualities. She quickly rose up in the ranks of old Microsoft, and was trusted with political power within the faction. Over time though, her approval rating among everyone else, except for her OS-tan wards, plummeted. She just could not get along with other people in her ranks, and was ousted from the faction shortly after Windows 3.1-tan (then Windows 3.0-tan) was born, circa 1989-90.

She didn't get the chance to see the family she cared for grow in influence, nor did she have much time to look after her biological daughter, SCO Unix-tan when she was born around that time. When she was affiliated with the Microsoft-IBM Family, her duties exempted her from the Unix Wars, but ended up drafted shortly after she was ousted. Nearly all the other Unixes quickly grew to hate her, because she refused to give up her loyalty to the Microsoft faction, which became a major enemy to the Unices. She couldn't form any alliances and was condemned as a traitor. OS-tan deaths in war are very few, but rival Unix factions agreed on arranging to send her to the front lines without proper support, where she was stripped of her status to die as a commoner.

Her daughter didn't get to help her fight in the war. She could only helplessly watch as Xenix-tan died on the battlefield as a commoner who didn't get a proper funeral.

Possible retcon

When she died exactly isn't specified. Originally, she was thought to have died circa 1993, when Windows NT-tan was being prepared to conquer the server market from the Unices at that time. Another estimate is that she died c. 1990 or 1991.