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Windows NT-tan
Character information
Common name Windows NT-san
Also known as Windows New Technology, OS/2 3.0
Human name(s) Mika Madobe, Mica Allchin
First appearance Unknown
Height None officially listed
Hair color Lilac (most common)
Eye color Blue
Weapon(s) Sometimes depicted with sword
Faction Windows Family
Lineage WinNT
Rival(s) The Unices, VMS
Technical information
System personified Windows NT 3.x
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 27 Jul 1993
Latest release Version 3.51 SP5 (19 Sep 1996)

Technical Details

Windows NT began development in 1989, with the intention on being the next evolution of IBM and Microsoft's OS/2; the team behind it lead by the creator of VMS. However, after the overnight success of Windows 3.0, Microsoft cut their ties with IBM and decided to shift focus toward making what was then known as "OS/2 3.0" into a business-oriented Windows version (Renamed "Windows NT"), while IBM continued to develop and support OS/2 on their own. While it took a while for it to catch on, NT eventually came to surpass OS/2; becoming very popular in business use for it's stability.

Although the name of Windows NT was retired after NT 4.0 was discontinued, it still lives on as the kernel powering every desktop version from Windows 2000 onward, with the exception of Windows ME.

Character Details


There are two mainstream personifications of Windows NT. The first NT-tan is depicted as a young woman (though her age range varies from child to adult depending on the artist) with purple hair (ranging from lilac to very dark) and blue or purple eyes. Most commonly her outfit is a simple pink dress, sometimes with a long-sleeved shirt under it, and an apron over it.

She mainly represents NT 3.x, and is the mother of 2K-tan, Inu-T and the other NT releases. When an NT-tan is being referred to, it's usually this design; the other accepted NT design is now almost always known as "Inu-T".

Although usually seen as loving, sweet and motherly, a few artists' depictions show NT-tan as a bold, and sometimes crazed warrior, shown with a bladed weapon. One such depiction shows her alongside a similarly-armed Windows 95-tan, they are thought to have trained together. Her weapon is a western-style sword, usually either a rapier or a broadsword; this contrasts with 95-tan, who wields an eastern blade.

Family and relationships


VMS-tan is NT-tan's biological mother, whom NT-tan is a modified clone of, but is unaware of their relationship; it was never told to her when she was first introduced to the Windows Family. NT-tan fought against her for control over the server market as her first mission, and won.


OS/2-tan is NT's half-sister, although OS/2 and VMS aren't related, NT-tan was partly created from OS/2-tan's genes. Since OS/2-tan violently hates the Windows-tans, it's assumed that they have fought on several occasions before and during the OS Wars.

Windows Family

She is one of the matriarchs of the Windows Family, the other being 95-tan, who has no children, but fills a similar motherly role. As the main matriarch, she is the primary ambassador to the family during meetings with other factions. She is also portrayed as ME-tan's adoptive mother, raising her together with a young 2K-tan and XP twins, as they are close to the same age.

3.1-tan and 95-tan are commonly seen together with her, bonded by their roles in the family, and also their early life experiences.

In OSC fanon, she and 95-tan hardly ever met 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan, and didn't notice when they were exiled.

The Mac-tans

NT-tan gets along well with OSX Rhapsody-tan, the ambassador of the Mac House. Their friendship is an important key in keeping the family meetings diplomatic.

Other designs


See InuT-tan.

The second accepted one is known as "Inu-T", a young, blue haired dog-girl who wears a blue dress, and socks and gloves shaped like paws. Whether she was originally meant as an alternative design to the previously mentioned NT-tan is unknown, but now Inu-T is commonly recognized as representing Windows NT 4.0 Workstation (a later NT-based operating system preceding Windows 2000).

Deja Vu's design

Yet another NT-tan, Windows NT SP6, was designed by the dōjinshi group Deja vu, but it was considered a bootleg design by Futaba society and not an official OS-Tan. Her design has not been used since then.

History and background (OSC fanon)

This article is a work in-progress.

Creation and early life

Windows NT-tan's creation came about as a result of VMS developers from DEC hired to work with Microsoft to develop a next-generation OS, with VMS' power and OS/2's portability. She was born in 1989 when development on Windows NT started, cloned from VMS-tan's code, a sample brought over to the Microsoft labs without VMS-tan's knowledge or permission. She is not a complete clone of VMS-tan though, her code was also partly spliced together with OS/2-tan's.

She was born into the Microsoft-IBM Family, but had only met MS-DOS-tan and the Windows-tans since she wasn't introduced to them until after the family's break-up. Early in life, she was trained to be a fighter, inheriting the training that was originally promised to OS/2-tan before her, and outside of her training, she spent the most time with Windows 3.1-tan until 95-tan was born.

When 95-tan was born, she and NT-tan trained and sparred together. They hardly ever met Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan, who were deliberately kept away from them by the family's higher-ups.

Achieving dominance in the server market

Her 1993 debut was successful. While she wasn't yet at her strongest, and not strong enough to defeat any of the Unix-tans in combat, she was able to exploit the weaknesses of their war-torn faction. Their territory was overran by her forces, and from defeating the Unix-tans, she secured a large part of the server market.

She further took over the market when she also conquered the DEC faction and defeated VMS-tan in a duel; she didn't know that VMS-tan was her mother, nor ever met her, so she didn't hold back in battle. The DEC Faction declined over the next few years, losing territory to her forces before collapse.

Duel against OS/2-tan

After the wars

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