Microsoft-IBM Family

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Microsoft-IBM Family
Founder: Xenix, Altair (benefactress)
Leader: MS-DOS, PC-DOS
Matriarch: Xenix
Type of faction: dynasty
Main social roles: Highly-skilled entrepreneurs, open to various types of technology and programs.
Territory: The first consumer OS-tan family to industrialize rapidly, spanned many large cities.
Established: 1980
Dissolution: 1990
Predecessor: none
Successor: Windows Family

Former members


The Microsoft-IBM Family was founded around 1980 or 1981 with the release of Xenix, the acquisition of QDOS and the development of MS-DOS and PC-DOS. MITS Altair 8800-tan was a de-facto member of the family and its benefactress, since Altair BASIC was developed by Microsoft, and was their first product.

The OS-tans of the MS-IBM Family lived happy and sheltered childhoods but this all changed when the family broke up in 1990.


In the 1980's, OS/2-tan was told that she was the OS of the future, that the future was hers for the taking and that she would carry on the success of the family.

Even when Windows 3.1-tan (then 3.0-tan) was born, OS/2-tan was still the most advanced member of the family and was still said to be the OS of the future but Windows 3.0-tan turned out to be more successful. From 3.0-tan's success, the MS-IBM Family broke up, as MS increased their focus to be exclusively on MS-DOS-tan and the Windows-tans, particularly 3.0-tan and later generations, leaving IBM with OS/2-tan and PC-DOS-tan.


From MS's fueled imperialist ambitions, Windows 3.1-tan became even more popular, Windows NT-tan was created and conquered the server OS market, Windows 95-tan was created and conquered the consumer OS market in the 90's OS Wars. Their success led to the modern Windows Family faction.

Windows 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan were part of the early Windows Family faction but were mainly kept separate from MS-DOS-tan and the other Windows-tans, and were ultimately exiled during the OS-tan Wars. 1.0-tan and 2.0-tan later joined and helped establish the Binteeji Renmei.

OS/2-tan turned bitter and felt betrayed from 3.1-tan's, NT-tan's and 95-tan's success and has in fact fought (and lost) against the latter two. This led to her forming the Anti$oft Coalition.

PC-DOS-tan also turned bitter, mainly from the family's breakup. She is currently affiliated with the DOSSE and Binteeji Renmei, works in a temp job with OS/2-tan, hates her job and is often dragged into OS/2-tan's antics in the A$C.

Xenix-tan was forced to retire in 1989, shortly before the breakup. She fought in the Unix Wars but was still loyal to the MS-IBM Family (and later the early Windows Family) to the very end when she got killed in action.