Antisoft Coalition

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Anti$oft Coalition
Founder: OS/2, RISC OS
Leader: OS/2
Matriarch: n/a
Type of faction: Alliance (informal)
Main social roles: Rag-tag group of OS/2's friends, disgruntled outcasts.
Territory: decentralized, headquartered in OS/2's and PC-DOS's office.
Established: circa 1997-98
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: none
Successor: current


Annex Bios

See Annex Bios



When the IBM-Microsoft Family broke up, most of the family was devastated. Xenix was forced to retire, PC-DOS-tan and OS/2-tan were separated from the rest of their family and ended up solely in IBM's custody where they took control of their training. OS/2-tan was trained to be a very efficient fighter, but came at a cost.

After suffering defeat against the Windows Family champion 95-tan during the OS Wars, seeing the Windows-tans gain great popularity, took many of her followers, and singled out as an enemy by them, OS/2-tan gained a bloodthirsty vendetta against the Windows Family. Her only friend at the time, RISC OS-tan suggested the idea of a protest club as a means to get OS/2-tan busy and productive.


RISC OS-tan had in mind petitioning to challenge the Windows Family's imperialism legally and peacefully. But motivated by spite, OS/2-tan misinterpreted that to mean forming a radical underground resistance group- the Anti$oft Coalition as it's known as today.


The Anti$oft Coalition doesn't have any formal headquarters, but its meetings mainly take place in OS/2-tan's run-down office (also shared by PC-DOS-tan) which she can barely afford to maintain, after suffering budget cut after budget cut by her parent company, losing the last bit of financial support at the end of 2006. Their last hopes for funding come from what members are able to scrape together from their jobs.

OSC Notes

Each member individually has a great amount of potential and capability but the Anti$oft Coalition fails miserably as a faction because although the members are all friends, they're not truly united. OS/2-tan and Visi On-tan (to an extent) are the only ones with a vendetta and drive to carry out any action against the Windows-tans-- everyone else though is either there to have fun or look after OS/2-tan for the most part. While each member is good at defending their comrades, offense just isn't their specialty.

If there is one good thing that comes out of all of this is that OS/2-tan has some friends and being in their small niche group, they can know one another better.