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Character information
Common name TRS-DOS-tan
Also known as TRS-80-tan, Tandy-chan
First appearance Dec 2006
Hair color Medium gray
Eye color Light cyan
Faction Antisoft Coalition
Lineage TRS-80, founder
Rival(s) Apple II, Commodore PET, Atari DOS, CoCo
Technical information
System personified TRS-DOS (OS), original TRS-80 line (hardware)
Developer(s) Tandy Corporation
Debut Aug 3 1977 (TRS-80 Model I)
Latest release Circa 1982 (TRS-80 Model 16)

Technical details

The TRS-80 was a popular line of computer created by the Tandy Corporation and marketed by Radioshack. Its native operating system was TRS-DOS, although later models supported CP/M and Xenix.

Character details

TRS-DOS-tan (also known as Tandy-tan) is CoCo-tan's older sister. TRS-DOS-tan represents TRS-DOS and the original TRS-80 line. She is depicted as a small grey-haired girl with light blue eyes, wearing a black headscarf, her pigtails adorned with the Tandy logo and dons a black dress with a large white collar reminiscent of the dress that the Puritans wore in the 1600's. She complete opposite of CoCo-tan; dressing very conservatively, is extremely stubborn and uptight, quick to criticize and is hostile to new things except for hardware. Her attire may be a reflection of her puritanical personality.

Accessories include a tool belt and an old copy of the Radio Shack employee manual which she always carries around. Her book also functions as a projectile weapon which she can materialize copies of or use it to preach her enemies to the point of submission. When stressed out, she pulls out the book to read and forget about her problems.

OSC Notes

Back in her youth, her main competitors were Apple II-tan, PET-tan, Atari DOS-tan and later CoCo-tan. Ironically, TRS-DOS-tan was the least bellicose between her competitors, happily serving as a very loyal and devoted disciple of the Cult of RadioShack. However, over the years she became TOO devoted even as her product line became discontinued. And with the gradual fall from the grace of her company and her tireless efforts to disguise all those inconvenient facts, she became a bit pathological to the point of scaring people away.

She has been legally excommunicated from the Cult of RadioShack more than 15 years ago but she cannot cannot comprehend that notion in her mind, and not only still practices her religion, but also regularly inspects random Radio Shacks every once in a while, usually resulting in her being tossed out by some mall security but isn't completely banned because some people in the OS-tan world admire her crazy rants and find her to be adorable.

Today, she is part of the Anti$oft Coalition and living in the presence of other OS-tans as crazy as she is has helped mellow her out a little in recent years.