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Character information
Common name RISC OS
First appearance 2006
Hair color Yellow-blonde
Eye color Lime green
Weapon(s) Webley Mk IV Service Revolver
Faction Antisoft Coalition
Lineage Acorn
Technical information
System personified RISC OS
Developer(s) Acorn Computer, Castle Technology, RISCOS Ltd.
Debut Circa 1987
Latest release Jan 16 2012

Technical details

Character details


RISC OS-tan is depicted as a prim, green-eyed woman with long blonde hair, dressed in a white and blue high-collared shirt, black belt, cyan headband, dark green jacket emblazoned with the RISC OS logo in bright green, similarly-colored pants and high-heeled black shoes. Her personality is professional, tidy and efficient, and she is renown for her excellent, near-artistic skills of penmanship, as well as her writing and composing skills. However, she is extremely fussy about her dress and grooming, and is known to be reduced to fits of rage (or tears) if her clothing or appearance is tarnished.

In spite of her fragile ego, she possesses superhuman physical durability - to the point of being, for all intents and purposes, physically-indestructible, her body healing all matter of wounds and illness at an astonishing rate of speed. As well, she is extremely fast and courageous, traits that make her a decent fighter in spite of her mediocre marksmanship skills; although she prefers to stay out of physical confrontations, instead serving as a sort of "team mom" who looks after her compatriots and keeps them out of trouble.

Family and Relationships

RISC OS-tan is related to the Arthur OS and ARX - the other OS-tans in the Acorn family - although their exact relation has not been explored in-depth.

Despite being ambivalent toward Microsoft, she is a part of the Antisoft Coalition and is friends with her fellow members, OS/2, QNX, Visi On, eComStation and TRS-DOS-tan. She is especially close with OS/2-tan, to the point of being her main source of companionship. Outside of canon, it has been suggested that RISC harbors romantic affection for OS/2-tan, although OS/2 is too work-driven and occupied with feelings of bitterness and vengeance to take note of her friend's true feelings.

History and Background

Theories and Notes