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Founder: VSE (benefactress)
Leader: DR-DOS
Matriarch: DR-DOS
Type of faction: Informal club within the Binteeji Renmei
Main social roles: Command-line advocates, pranksters.
Territory: Same as the Binteeji Renmei
Established: late 90's
Dissolution: current
Predecessor: none
Successor: current


Annex Bios

See Annex Bios



Before the DOSSE was founded, the x86 DOS-tan family was divided, many either living in isolation, or were rivals. When QDOS-tan was born, DR-DOS-tan at first scorned her and didn't want anything to do with the 'clone'.

She dropped her off to the fledgeling Microsoft-IBM Family headquarters since they were interested in adopting her. Xenix-tan was eager to adopt QDOS-tan, and Altair-tan eager to babysit. But the headquarters' higher-ups had another idea in mind. MS-DOS-tan and PC-DOS-tan were cloned from QDOS-tan, and was abandoned soon afterwards, with neither Xenix-tan nor Altair-tan being allowed to object to it.

Dominance of the DOSes

DR-DOS-tan especially scorned MS-DOS-tan, PC-DOS-tan, who would become two of her most threatening competitors. Years later, MSX DOS-tan and DOS/V-tan were born, two more competitors to her in the consumer computer market. PTS-DOS-tan, however, lived in isolation and didn't work in the same niche as her mother and sisters, she was mainly a military OS.

PC-DOS-tan's influence declined after she was separated from her family. MS-DOS-tan's influence lasted longer, but declined after Windows 3.1-tan's debut, and later, 95-tan's.


After the Binteeji Renmei was founded in the mid-late 90's, VSE-san (aka: DOS/360) used her powers to guide the DOS-tans there to reunite.

The reunion caused DR-DOS-tan to have a change in heart, and regretted seeing her daughters as enemies for so long, being the most saddened by how much her neglect hurt QDOS-tan. For the first time, DR-DOS-tan got to know her daughters.