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  • Name: DOS/V-tan
  • aka: DOS/VGA
  • Debut: 1990
  • Height: 128 cm (4'2")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Light green
  • Hair: Grey
  • Quick Facts:
    • - Relative of PC-DOS/MS-DOS, with Japanese language support.
    • - Keeps hair long and loose.
    • - Dons black bodysuit with DOS insignia.
    • - Is more outgoing than MSDOS and less standoffish than PC-DOS, but still not a socialite.
    • - Is not much of a talker.
    • - Has memorized more Kanji than anyone can practically use in their lifetime.
    • - Loves to collect two pairs of everything.



  • Name: DR DOS-tan
  • aka: "CP/M", "Caldera OpenDOS", "Control Program for Microcomputers"
  • Debut: 1976
  • Height: 146 cm (~4'9.5")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Blue-green
  • Hair: Grey
  • Note: Also represents CP/M
  • Quick Facts:
    • -The mother of the x86 DOS-tans, and GEM's older sister.
    • -Works as a doctor for the vintage OS-tans for free, but extremely expensive to everyone else.
    • -Is hard-working yet laid-back pleasant, and motherly, but not adverse to using sadistic punishment either.
    • -Childhood friends with IMSAI 8080, who inspired her to great ambitious, at a cost...
    • -Used to be an aggressive workaholic who didn't often see her children, and outright scorned QDOS, MSDOS and PCDOS for several years.
    • -After she joined the Binteeji Renmei and DOSSE, she strived to atone for her past negligence towards her children and get to know them, especially towards QDOS, who she hurt the most.
    • -Still has some conflicts with them though, since her morals are ambiguous.
    • -Helped her sister GEM recover from traumatic experiences.
    • -Had multiple name changes and had moved to multiple different companies, including Novell where she became a colleague of Netware and UnixWare.
    • -Tallest of the DOS-tans, has long grey hair in pigtails, and wears a stylized doctor's uniform with a nurse's hat.
    • -Wears hair clips alluding to her original name: CP/M.


  • Data pending



  • Data pending



  • Name: PTS-DOS-tan
  • aka:
  • Debut: 1993
  • Height: 135 cm (4'5")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Lilac
  • Hair: Light blue
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Speaks entirely in Russian, but understands other languages too.
    • -Likes to be around others, even if she can't always reply to them.
    • -Taking advantage of language barriers, she likes to jokingly point out the obvious or speaks in non-sequiturs.
    • -Is a prankster with a mischievous streak.
    • -However, she usually keeps to herself.
    • -Is sharp, witty and knowledgeable in history, philosophy and the arts, but appears offish and apathetic to those that cannot understand her.
    • -Even though she can't communicate with most OS-tans (including her sisters), she cares a lot about her peers very much and gladly helps them.
    • -A master of reverse engineering, and can work wonders with technology that seems impossible to decipher and software that seem impossible to duplicate.
    • -Wears a traditional Russian school uniform and keeps her hair braided and decorated with floral hair clips.
    • -PCDOS considers her a close friend who she can talk about her problems to.



  • Name: QDOS-tan
  • aka: "86-DOS", "Quick and Dirty Operating System"
  • Debut: 1980
  • Height: 92 cm (3'0")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Grey
  • Hair: Dark green
  • Quick Facts:
    • -The oldest of DR-DOS's daughters, but is the smallest and seems the youngest.
    • -Has short green hair decorated with metal accessories, and has glasses that double as goggles.
    • -Wears a schoolgirl outfit with a tool belt.
    • -Was taken in by the Microsoft-IBM Family for a few days.
    • -MSDOS and PCDOS were cloned from her, and QDOS was abandoned after their creation.
    • -Survived in a junkyard for several years but is physically and mentally stunted.
    • -A miracle mechanic that can repair anything. The results aren't always smooth but get the job done.
    • -Cheerful and fearless, incapable of feeling hate towards anyone or anything.
    • -Has always been happy since reuniting with her family.



  • Name: ROM-DOS-tan
  • aka:
  • Debut: 1989
  • Height: 117 cm (3'10")
  • Weight: ?? kg
  • Eye Color: Purple
  • Hair: Purple
  • Quick Facts:
    • -Is hot-headed, highly ambitious and determined.
    • -Has her hair tied in 5 ponytails, with functional metal hair clips she can attach small devices to.
    • -Wears a red+black streamlined school uniform, and a hi-tech monocle.
    • -Has the ability to control, manipulate and disable electronics.
    • -The most aggressive of the DOS-tans, she is willing and able to fight against aggressors head-on.
    • -Very competitive, is rivals with TRON, eCOS, OS-9 and QNX.
    • -Doesn't have a good track record against her rivals, nor is she good at planning ahead.
    • -Determined to make money by any means necessary, with the hopes of buying back QDOS's source code and treating her incompleteness.
    • -Gets along well with her sisters, especially QDOS, who she is very protective of.

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