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Character information
Common name ROM-DOS
First appearance Dec 2007
Height 117 cm (3'10")
Hair color purple
Eye color purple
Faction DOSSE
Lineage x86 DOS
Technical information
System personified ROMDOS
Developer(s) Datalight
Debut 1989
Latest release unknown (still maintained)

Technical details

ROM-DOS is a currently-maintained MS DOS-compatible OS designed for embedded systems.

Character details

ROM-DOS-tan is represented as a small girl with long purple hair and pinkish eyes. Her hair is tied into 5 ponytails (2 on each side, one in the back) and on her head she wears some metal bands which can be used to attach small devices. She wears a hi-tech monocle and a red and grey stylized school uniform with shorts and sneakers, and is the second-shortest DOS-tan.

She is feisty, courageous, hot-headed and not much of a socialite. Although by no means shy or introverted, she is often too deep in her technical work to worry about a social life.

Of the DOS-tans, she is one of the youngest, is the most physically-capable fighter and is aggressive enough to take on more powerful opponents, much to the chagrin of her sisters. ROM-DOS-tan has rivalries with the stronger and/or machine-wielding embedded OS-tans such as TRON-tan, eCOS-tan, QNX-tan and some of the Linuces. Although she is fast, has a lot of stamina and can control any electronic or mechanical device, she can only control one at a time, is clueless when they break down and is not very good at strategy. She often relies on PTS-DOS-tan and QDOS-tan to bail her out of these situations.

While she can put up a good fights, these face-offs often end up badly for her.

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