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Character information
Common name eCOS-tan
Also known as embedded Configurable Operating System-tan
Human name(s) N/A
First appearance Jul 2008
Height 5'1"
Hair color Red
Eye color Dark gray
Weapon(s) Various martial arts
Faction CIOST
Lineage N/A
Rival(s) Red Hat Linux
Technical information
System personified eCOS
Developer(s) Cygnus Solutions, eCosCentric
Debut ?
Latest release 3.0 / March, 2009

Technical details

eCOS (embedded Configurable Operating System) is a free, open-source real-time OS for embedded systems originally developed by Cygnus Solutions. It is a very small and efficient OS ported to various platforms.

Character details

eCOS-tan is represented as a short teenage girl with long red hair tied into a braid and dark grey eyes. She wears a red leotard with a black collar, black shorts, gloves with brass knuckles and a pair of armored red boots. Her boots are a reference to the Red Boot system in eCOS. She is energetic, self-confident, strong-willed and hot-headed especially in the company of her worst enemy...

Because of Red Hat's takeover and discontinuing of eCOS, eCOS-tan has a massive grudge against Red Hat Linux-tan.

eCOS-tan is a great and agile fighter who specializes in hand-to-hand combat and is very strong.

OSC Notes/backstory

eCOS-tan lived on her own until Red Hat Linux-tan took in eCOS-tan as her adoptive daughter and they got along at first, until 2002 when Red Hat Linux-tan (under her company's orders) demolished eCOS-tan's childhood home and fired all of her old caretakers (the only family she had), all in the name of business without consulting her. These events parallel eCOS's history when Cygnus Solutions was bought out by Red Hat who ceased eCOS's development and fired the staff who were working on it. These staff members later formed their own company, eCosCentric.

eCOS-tan was outraged and devestated by Red Hat Linux-tan's actions and ran away. Her grudge against Red Hat Linux-tan did not just arise from the destruction of her childhood in the name of business but also the hardship she and her friends endured as wanderers trying to piece their lives back together. One day, eCOS-tan was taken in by the independent OS-tans, joined the CIOST and greatly admires their leader, OpenVMS-tan.

Another major rival of eCOS-tan's is ROMDOS-tan, another hot-blooded embedded OS-tan. In their rivalry, eCOS-tan usually wins due to her physical strength.