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Character information
Common name FreeDOS-tan
Also known as PD-DOS (former name)
First appearance Dec 2006
Technical information
System personified FreeDOS
Developer(s) Jim Hall and the Free DOS team
Debut v0.05 (Jan 12 1998)
Latest release FreeDOS 1.0 (Sep 3 2006)

Technical details

FreeDOS is the only truly Free, Open Source DOS and supports vintage IBM PC compatibles as well as modern ones and is also used in some embedded systems. It is mostly compatible with MS DOS and has some degree of compatibility with every Windows version but has the most compatibility with Windows 1.0 and 2.0.

Character details

FreeDOS-tan is represented as young girl who appears to be about 10 years old. She has long blue hair tied in braided pigtails, has light green eyes, wears large glasses, has gnu horns, wears a whale hat resembling the FreeDOS mascot and wears a school uniform with a green jacket, green skirt and a pink bowtie. Like all DOS-tans, she is small and does not much appetite (except for conventional memory).

She is very charming, sweet and gentle though often mistaken for shy, mousy and weak. She is a brilliant chef and genius wielder of Open Sourcery which she secretly uses to turn even stale or spoiled ingredients into a delicious banquet. FreeDOS-tan is also known to have escaped perilous situations unscathed and talk as if nothing had happened, which nearly everyone else (except for her sisters and the vintage-tans) regards as so sweet it's terrifying.

She gets along extremely well with others and her closest friends are Amiga-tan and GEM-tan.

OSC Notes

Like almost all of her sisters, FreeDOS-tan is affiliated with the DOSSE.

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