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SuSE Linux-tan
SUSE1 avi.png
Character information
Common name SuSE-tan
Also known as n/a
First appearance unknown
Technical information
System personified All releases of SuSE Linux
Developer(s) Novell
Debut Apr 1994
Latest release 10.3 (Oct 4 2007)

SuSE Linux is a distribution first based off of Slackware and was created by the SuSE GmbH, which was acquired by Novell in 2003.

Two very different renditions of SuSE-tan exist but in both of them, she is a chameleon girl with a green tail as a reference to the company's mascot- the chameleon Geeko. Her clothes are also always green because of it is the color of the mascot and also the predominant color by default in SuSE Linux.

In the rendition by an unknown Japanese artist, she has short green hair with a long and curling cowlick, teal eyes, yellow-green minidress with a dark green sweater and long socks.

In Juzo-Kun's rendition, she has short brown hair, red eyes, wears a full green bodysuit with a matching helmet. Her bodysuit has a yellow front side and is also topped with light yellow and green armor.

Accessories include lizard sock puppets, a spear and a life preserver.