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Character information
Common name Ubuntu-tan
First appearance Jun 2005
Height ?
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown or red
Weapon(s) spear
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Debian branch. Has descendants of her own, and is the foundation of her own branch.
Technical information
System personified Ubuntu Linux and its official variants
Developer(s) Canonical Ltd. (Ubuntu). Other developers for the other variants.
Debut v.4.10 (20 Oct 2004)
Latest release v.11.10 "Oneric Ocelot"

Technical details

Ubuntu is the most popular Linux distro; branched off of Debian GNU/Linux as a variant that's not just programmer-friendly, but user-friendly, and has a predictable, reliable update schedule. Ubuntu is largely targeted as desktop use, and also has a variants for servers, and used to have a version for netbooks until it got merged with the desktop version. It is available in more than 55 languages, and there are computers from vendors with Ubuntu pre-installed.

Character details


She represents mainly the original Ubuntu, but in most interpretations also represents the official Ubuntu variants (Netbook Edition, Kubuntu and Xubuntu). There have been Kubuntu-tan designs, which some consider to be one of Ubuntu's younger sisters, others consider her the same character using the KDE GUI in place of Ubuntu's usual GNOME GUI.

There is, however, a separate Lubuntu-tan.


No matter the design, Ubuntu-tan is generally portrayed as happy, friendly and open-minded. She is knowledgeable and forgiving with those new to Linux; all of which are references to the customizable and user-friendly nature of the operating system. In the OS-tan expanded universe, she is one of the most popular and successful diplomats, towards other factions, and within the Linux Unix Consortium. She easily has her share of competitors within her faction, a consequence of her popularity, power and influence.

Incidentally, the meaning of the word Ubuntu is generally suggested to mean humanity towards others.

As one of the most popular and well-known Linux-tans outside of the Linux and Unix circles, she is a direct competitor to the Mac OSX-tans, Windows XP-tan, Vista-tan and 7-tan.

It is suggested that she is also fond of nature and wildlife, referencing the alliterative animal theme of Ubuntu's codenames.

Multiple designs

As of this date, there are several known renditions of Ubuntu-tan. The first was posted on 6/12/2005 by the Japanese artist Piro. This Ubuntu-tan is portrayed as a young, wild and happy-go-lucky girl with only a very slight dark-skinned complexion and blue eyes. She is scantily-clad with motif's from the default Human Gnome desktop theme and wears high-heeled sandals. Pieces of the Ubuntu logo are also featured as her hairclip and forming a kind of energy shawl around her chest.

The second rendition was posted on 10/9/2005 by the Italian artist Juzo-kun. This Ubuntu-tan is older, and has a kind, serene quality to her. Her clothing is also a combination of motifs based on the Ubuntu logo and the default Human Gnome desktop theme; however, she also sports armor and a spear, following the trend of depicting all Linux-tans as members of a warrior-class.

Both versions follow the theme of making Ubuntu a dark-skinned girl of probable African decent, given the South African roots of the Ubuntu Linux distribution. There have been several fanart renditions of Ubuntu-tan, usually more-or-less modeled after Juzo-kun's design, with varying styles of clothing.

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