Yellow Dog Linux

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Yellow Dog Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Yellow Dog-tan
Also known as YDL-tan
First appearance Mar 2007
Height 165 cm (5'5")
Hair color yellow w/ blue streaks
Eye color yellow
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Red hat branch
Technical information
System personified Yellow Dog Linux
Developer(s) Terra Soft Solutions
Debut circa 1999
Latest release 6.0 (Feb 5 2008)

Technical Details

YellowDog Linux is a Linux distribution developed by Terra Soft Solutions and is the first Linux made for PowerPC Macs and has also been ported to the Playstation 3.

Character Details

YellowDog Linux-tan is represented as a dog girl with yellow ears and tail; her hair is blonde with blue streaks, and in a ponytail, and she has yellow eyes. She wears a collar with the Yellow Dog logo on it, with a blouse, leggings and gloves. Her outfits have a 1980's flair to them.

She is friendly and loyal, and a gamer. One of her ambitions is to show that the Linuces can be gamers too, but is generally civil about it. She is friends with the Mac-tans, Amiga-tan, Morph OS-tan, and Puppy Linux-tan. She adores Puppy-tan and sees her as a little sister who she loves to play with.

She is rivals with Inu-T though and the two often have barking matches when not challenging each other to games. Yellow Dog Linux-tan's weapon is a retractable spear disguised as dog bone. Her biggest rival, however, is Xebian-tan, who is an Xbox fanatic, while YellowDog-tan is (or was) a Playstation fanatic.

Her friendship with Playstation 3-tan lasted until 2010 or 2011, when PS3-tan was under orders to abandon her, referencing the PS3 losing Linux support.

Alternate character interpretation

The consequence of the PS3 losing Linux support led to tremendous backlash, and ultimately, the mass PSN outages. From this, how YellowDog-tan reacted to abandonment could be interpreted in multiple ways. It could have been her who lashed out at PS3-tan, having finally snapped; or it may have been some her most militant gaming followers.