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Character information
Common name Freespire-tan
First appearance 2007
Height unknown
Hair color grey-blue gradient
Eye color blue
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux, Debian branch
Technical information
System personified Freespire
Developer(s) Linspire Inc (former), Xandros (since 2008)
Debut 2006
Latest release 2.0.8 (30 Nov 2007- discontinued)

Character Details

Freespire-tan is Linspire-tan's free, younger sister who is outgoing and friendly but shies away from the more advanced OS-tans. She wears a white dress with the Freespire logo on it and has grey + blue hair in wavy pigtails that match the logo colors. And because of the logo's resemblance to a bird in flight, Freespire-tan is also depicted with the ability to fly using her pigtails.

She gets along with Linux XP-tan and Linspire-tan as they are the 'Windows-esque' Linux-tans, and they get scoffed at often by the more advanced and specialized Linux-tans.

However, Freespire-tan and Linspire-tan are antagonistic of each other, with Freespire calling Linspire a 'sellout' for not being free like most distros. Linspire-tan sometimes criticizes her for being a 'hypocrite' as a lot of software for Freespire needs to be bought.

History and Background

Freespire-tan and Linspire-tan have always lived together, and had lived nearly their whole lives as wanderers, until 2009 when Xandros-tan became their boss and dragged them into the Linux/Unix Consortium, which the two sisters dreaded and feared the most.

Xandros-tan doesn't have much use for either of them, and took away their corporate support and their assets. She is negligent towards them and mainly keeps them around as maids or secretaries. When not on duty, Freespire-tan is more willing to leave, and try to live her old life as a wanderer again, but having all support dropped leaves her vulnerable to attack, but is more willing to risk it in the name of personal freedom.

That she's willing to risk her life for freedom has gotten her some respect among the LUC Linux-tans.