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Character information
Common name Slackware
Also known as FKA Softlanding System Linux
First appearance 2005
Height 168 cm (5'6")
Hair color Brown
Eye color Amber
Weapon(s) Spear, tools
Faction Linux Unix Consortium
Lineage Linux (one of earliest descendants), Slackware Branch (founder)
Technical information
System personified Slackware Linux, Softlanding Linux Systems
Developer(s) Patrick Volkerding
Debut 16 Jul 1993
Latest release 12.0 / 2007-07-02 (check for newest release)

Character Details

Slackware-tan personifies both Slackware Linux and Softlanding Linux Systems, the early distribution from which Slackware is descended. Slackware is noted for being built on the KISS (Keep it simple, stupid) principal, and is lauded by advocates as being transparent, flexible and the most Unix-like of the Linux distros. It is criticized by some as lacking user-friendliness and has a reputation for being a "difficult" distro.

An early, one-shot design (by the artist and considered such by the fandom) depicts Slackware-tan as a waitress girl with short brown hair, carrying a tray and wearing rollerblades. The Slackware-tan adopted by the fandom was originally drawn by the artist Juzo-kun; this Slackware-tan is depicted as having brown eyes and brown braided or ponytailed hair, wearing gray overalls and a black shirt, and sometimes carrying tools, a spear, and/or a tobacco pipe.

Attitude-wise Slackware-tan is no-nonsense, utilitarian and intelligent, a genius mechanic and amateur engineer. She is somewhat high-strung and demanding, traits that scare away all but her most loyal friends and companions. She can become awkward and frenetic in social situations, especially when interacting with her much-fancied Unix-tans.

Family and relationships

Being the most Unix-like of the Linux distros, she loves the Unix-tans, admiring UNIX most of all in a fangirlish manner, contrasting with her usually no-nonsense attitude. This puts her at odds with some of the other Linux-tans she's affiliated with in the LUC, who aren't so trusting of the Unices, or even outright hostile.

She gets along best with Arch Linux-tan and Yggdrasil-tan and is antagonistic towards low-end distro-tans such as Linspire and Freespire. In her childhood, she was close to her twin SuSE-tan, but is now ambivalent towards her, disagreeing with many of SuSE's decisions. She rivals Red Hat-tan and Debian-tan in power and influence.

History and background