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Damn Small Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Damn Small Linux-tan
Also known as DSL-tan
First appearance 2005
Height varies (0'1"-0'6"; 2-15 cm)
Hair color light brown
Eye color brown
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Linux, Knoppix branch
Technical information
System personified Damn Small Linux, may also represent official variants.
Developer(s) John Andrews, et al.
Debut 13 Apr 2005
Latest release v4.4.10 (18 Nov 2008)

Technical details

Damn Small Linux is a modern distribution of Linux, which is optimized for low size and designed to fit into 50 megabytes and only requires 8 MB of RAM and an 486 processor. A variant of Damn Small Linux, X-DSL has been ported to the Xbox. It has three official variants: Hikarunix, DSL-N, and Damn Vulnerable Linux.

Character details


Damn Small Linux-tan (aka: DSL-tan) is extremely small, with a height of only about 15 cm (6 inches) or even less. She often can be found where one does not expect it, such as sitting on another's head. Unlike most Distro-tans, who wield spears; DSL-tan resorts to wielding a toothpick. She appears as a tiny school girl with a black+white shirt and skirt, light brown hair and eyes, black cap, orange shoes and a backpack that looks like a penguin.

She is an extremely fast runner, high jumper and excellent spy. She is rather timid because she's much smaller than everyone else, but is comfortable around the diminutive OS-tans. Her little brother is Damn Small Linux-kun, and DSL-tan is protective of him and likes to be his mentor.

Family and relationships

She lives as a wanderer since she felt overwhelmed in the LUC, and bands together with the other Damn Small-tans: Damn Small BSD, Damn Small Linux-kun and Damn Small Solaris-tan. Even though she didn't join the LUC, she is still on good terms with them, and is often invited to Linux distro meetings hosted by them. While grateful, and willing to work as a spy for them, she prefers the more independent and less hectic wanderer life.

Sometimes she does medical and rescue work, taking after her mother, Knoppix-tan.

However, she does have at least one rivalry, particularly with Tiny Core Linux-tan, referencing Tiny Core being created by a former head developer of Damn Small Linux, the two find themselves in an arms race trying to be the most minimalist Linux distro-tan.

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