Damn Small BSD

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Damn Small BSD-tan
Character information
Common name DSBSD-tan
Also known as Evoke
First appearance Jan 30 2008
Height 18 cm (0'7")
Hair color dark red
Eye color light green
Faction Wanderer Class, honorary member of the User Space Gang
Lineage BSD/FreeBSD
Technical information
System personified Damn Small BSD
Developer(s) The Damn Small BSD Project
Debut Dec 31 2007 (DSBSD 0.1P1)
Latest release Evoke 0.1r8 (Jul 2009)

Character details

Evoke-tan (formerly known as Damn Small BSD-tan but is still more commonly referred to as such) is FreeBSD-tan's tiny little sister and one of the smallest OS-tans. She is good friends with the other Damn Small-tans as they share similar goals (both Damn Small OSes aim to be modern but take up only ~50 MB of space). Among the 'Damn Small-tans', she prefers to work with high-end users, but is also willing to work with the average user too. Like FreeBSD-tan, she is hard-working but not exactly ambitious, sometimes preferring to take things easy, as DSBSD's slogan is "Think small".

Her appearance is similar to her big sister's: dark red hair, bright green eyes, has a devil tail, and sleeveless red dress. She doesn't have horns, but in their place she wears her hair in pigtails shaped like horns, and decorated with dark red ribbons; her dress is more conservative but is poofy and decorated with bows, and wears white tights and green high-top shoes. Her weapon is a tiny gold fork which is throwback to the FreeBSD and Evoke devil mascot's gold trident, and parallel's Damn Small Linux-tan's toothpick weapon.

She gets along with FreeBSD-tan but keeps her distance out of the fear of accidentally getting eaten. Of the Damn Small-tans, she is the most mischievous and thrill-seeking of them, probably stemming from her experiences with FreeBSD-tan and the User Space Gang, and the notion that what doesn't kill one can only make one stronger.

Primarily she is a wanderer but bands together with the other Damn Small-tans: Damn Small Linux-tan, Damn Small Linux-kun and Damn Small Solaris-tan. She especially likes playing with Damn Small Linux-kun. She is also an honorary member of the User Space Gang.

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