Tinfoil Hat Linux

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Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan
Character information
Common name Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan
Also known as TFH-tan
First appearance 2006
Height 153 cm (5'0")
Hair color black
Eye color dark grey
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage Linux (unknown branch)
Technical information
System personified Tinfoil Hat Linux
Developer(s) Shmoo Group
Debut Feb 2002
Latest release 2.0pre1 (2003, discontinued in 2006)

Character Details

Tinfoil Hat Linux is a high-security distro, small enough to fit onto a single floppy disk, does not require a hard drive and does not use a GUI.

Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan was first drawn by Aurora Borealis, as a paranoid girl in a black school-type uniform with a red bow tie, brown combat boots and donning a tinfoil hat to keep aliens and other threats from reading her mind. She has short black hair and black eyes. Her favorite offensive weapon is a electric forcefield (which she employs against just about everything she encounters), mimicking THL's highly offensive, not defensive, security.

She was drawn by a later artist, physically similar to the original design, though, perhaps older; the later rendition's design showed Tinfoil Hat Linux-tan as being somewhat more stoic, not showing any form of emotion and wearing sunglasses, in reference to THL's paranoid mode, in which the screen contrast is set very low to prevent shoulder surfing. She's shown dressed in dark colors and as being a spy type, referring to THL's ability to fit onto a single floppy disk. She also prefers to avoid contact with others, because THL has no networking capabilities. Yet she is willing to be helpful if she encounters someone in need that is trustworthy enough.

Although paranoid and usually serious, Tinfoil Hat-tan does have a sense of humor and can poke fun at herself (the documentation does have some humor in it) and her tinfoil hat is the source of her paranoia and without it, she is friendly and almost fearless but it is very dangerous for others to attempt to take off her hat.