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Character information
Common name MSX-DOS-tan
First appearance 2007
Hair color gray
Eye color gray
Lineage x86 DOS
Technical information
System personified MSX DOS
Developer(s) Microsoft
Debut 1984
Latest release v.2 (1988)

Technical details

MSX-DOS was an operating system based off of MS-DOS 1.25 and was developed for the MSX home computer standard. It was released in 1984, and its last release was in 1988.

Character details

MSX-DOS-tan is a rarer character, representing the Microsoft Japan version of DOS. In the few depictions of her, she is a young girl with grey hair in pigtails. Her hair has a large cowlick on top, and she appears to have a large X-shaped black bow in her hair from the shape of her hair ties. She has grey eyes, and wears a black T-shirt and shorts with a white apron over them. Her apron is decorated with grey accents and MSX badges.

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