Stratus VOS

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Stratus VOS
Character information
Common name Stratus VOS
Also known as VOS, Virtual Operating System
First appearance Jan 2008
Height 180 cm (5'11")
Hair color Dark ruby red with rose highlights
Eye color light blue
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage may be a descendant of Multics
Technical information
System personified Stratus VOS
Developer(s) Stratus Technologies
Debut 1982
Latest release unknown (currently maintained)

Technical details

Stratus VOS is a high-security, fault-tolerant Multics-like OS developed by Stratus Technologies and used in their brand of servers for mission critical systems.

Character details

Stratus VOS-tan is represented as a tall and athletic woman with light blue eyes, short dark red hair with long side-bangs and pink highlights. She dresses in steampunk-style outfits, in dark colors, with a corset and lots of jewelry, and has a pair of wing tattoos on her back. She is a very skilled sorceress with excellent defensive capabilities. She calls her spells 'curses' and is especially skilled with cloning magics, which she uses to clone Unix programs.

While Stratus VOS does have several design elements from Multics, some are skeptical over whether VOS can be considered Multics-like, or an actual descendant. She was tutored by Multics in her youth and learned several of her magical techniques, but at some point had lost contact with her. She believes herself to be Multics' long-lost daughter entitled to be heiress, and one more legitimate than Unix, and feels that she's the victim of a conspiracy of being cheated by people out to hide her true heirship.

She is resentful of Unix, possibly knowing hers and Multics' relation; also suspecting the conspirators against her of being pro-Unix supporters. The rivalry is one-sided however, and Unix doesn't see her as a threat, as VOS lives as a wanderer and on her own.

VOS-tan lives on her own estate and chooses to not be aligned with any faction for her own range of personal reasons. But she is willing and able to defend her land from any threats, though she has been lucky that no serious effort has been made to chase her out of it.

History and background

VOS-tan grew up under the tutoring of Multics, and from that believed that she was her daughter. When they lost contact with each other, VOS suspected Multics had to lie about their relationship to protect her. Knowing of Unix's relation to Multics, she became horrified and confused that Multics would favor Unix, despite Unix nearly killing her.

She doesn't know the circumstances that led to Unix and Multics fighting to the death in the early 70's, but is appalled that Unix got more attention from her over the years. If anything, Stratus VOS was more of a daughter to Multics than Unix was for a long time, as it wasn't until Multics' death in 2000 that Unix acknowledged her as her mother.

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