Windows 97

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Character information
Common name: Windows 97-tan
Also known as: 97-tan
Proposed human name(s):
First appearance: unknown
Height: *none officially listed
Hair color: brown
Eye color: red
Weapon of choice:
OS-tan Annex Project Faction: Wanderer Class
Lineage: DOS/Win9x (prototype)
Technical information
System Personified: Windows 97
Developer: Microsoft
Debut: Jun 25 1998 (as Windows 98)?
Latest Stable Release: May 5 1999 (as Windows 98SE)?

Technical details

Windows 97 was one of the working names for Windows 98 before it was released. Despite there already being a Windows 98-tan (and 98SE-tan), a Windows 97-tan design exists.

Character details

Windows 97-tan is represented as a little girl with brown hair in braids, and wearing a traditional Chinese-style dress shirt; her hair is in buns with braids and decorated with tassels; her shirt has a Windows logo brooch on the collar, she wears a school swimsuit under her short, and on her forehead she has the Kanji for '97' on it.

A running gag today in the era of Windows 7 is 97-tan cover up the kanji on her forehead except for the 7, determined to pass herself off as a Windows 7-tan in order to rise from obscurity.

She is cheerful and energetic, but dislikes that she is so short and completely flat, greatly envying Windows XP MediaCenter Edition-tan's figure.

In-story fanon

Representing an unreleased (if even existent) system, 97-tan may have been exiled from the Windows Family by the time of 98-tan's debut rendering her redundant, or she may have never been born into the Family in the first place. Her origins aren't specified. Curiously, she's never been depicted interacting with 98-tan, and her only major (one-sided) rivalries are those with XPMCE-tan and Windows 7-tan.

In-story, there are few, if any records of her past, and she lives as a Wanderer. She mainly knows the other Windows-tans who are wanderers. Most other Windows-tans don't know if she's real or a bootleg, but don't see her as an enemy, because they she's harmless overall, and/or can't take her seriously.