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Character information
Common name DexOS
Also known as Dex-chan, Dex 4U
First appearance Oct 2008
Height 61 cm (2'0")
Hair color silver
Eye color green
Faction Wanderer Class
Lineage independent
Technical information
System personified Dex OS
Developer(s) Craig Bamford and the DexOS Community
Debut 20 Dec 2004
Latest release Dex OS 6 (12 May 2012)

Technical Details

DexOS is a free and open source OS written entirely in assembly language, and designed for coders to get direct access to all of the hardware. It has a game console-inspired GUI, and a command line interface. It is small enough to boot from a floppy disk, and its design is focused on speed and customizability.

Character Details


DexOS-tan is represented as tiny robot girl with short silver hair, bright green eyes, and an ant-themed outfit; she wears a red metal helmet with antennae with a matching skirt, wears a blue jacket modeled after the DexOS's console-inspired GUI, and wears silver boots. The ant theme is a reference to DexOS's mascot. On her helmet are headphones, modeled after the "Dex 4U" logo. Another outfit she wears is one modeled after XP-tan's, referencing an alternate GUI resembling Windows XP.

She is a hobbyist who codes, builds machines, and customizes them. She also likes to play games. Classic arcade games are her favorite, owing to Pong and Space Invaders clones being included with DexOS.

She is a bit simple-minded, but eager to teach others how to code.


DexOS-tan has super speed, and may be one of the fastest OS-tans alive. She is an experimental OS-tan is optimized for speed and efficiency, but cannot multitask. In her default form, she is not very strong, nor much of a fighter, but can easily be upgraded and equipped with new abilities when the need arises, referencing DexOS's ability to have components swapped as the user sees fit.

OSC Notes

She lives as a wanderer, having many friends in different factions, and doesn't want to be held back by faction-related obligations that would interfere.

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