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Commodore 65
Character information
Common name Commodore 65
Also known as C65-tan, C64DX
First appearance Jul 2008
Height 179 cm (~5'10.5")
Hair color dark purple
Eye color dark purple
Faction Wanderer Class (formerly from the Commodore Family)
Lineage Commodore computers
Technical information
System personified C65 (hardware), Commodore BASIC 10.0 (OS)
Developer(s) Commodore Business Machines
Debut never officially released (canceled in 1991)
Latest release n/a

Technical details

The Commodore 65 was to be an improved version of the Commodore 64; with C64 compatibility, faster processor (3.54 MHz to the C64's 1 MHz), more RAM (128 KB, expandable to 8 MB), improved version of Commodore Basic (version 10.0) and incorporate some features from the Amiga. Despite being one of the C64's successors, the C65 actually much more resembled the C128.

Development on the C65 started in 1990, and was cancelled in 1991. Technically an unreleased system, the C65 prototypes were sold on the open market after Commodore's bankruptcy in 1994.

Character details


Commodore 65-tan resembles both C64-tan and C128-tan; her hairstyle is more like that of C128's, but dark purple like C64's, and she usually wears a bandanna. Her eyes are dark purple, and she is the tallest of the 8-bit Commodore-tans (and second tallest of her extended family). She has a peg-leg partly as a reference to the C65's incomplete status, but in a retconned version of her backstory, she lost part of a leg due to injury.

In the short time she was in the Commodore fleet, she wore a sailor uniform with a matching hat, and was in training to be the next naval captain. After her exile, she became a rogue pirate. Her main outfit is a long blue pirate captain coat with orange and white trim, with black pants and doesn't wear a boot over her peg-leg.

Family and relationships

Commodore PET

Commodore VIC-20 and 64

Commodore 128

History and background

She is the youngest of the Commodore-tans and used to be a sailor cadet. Only C128-tan has known of her existence and cared for her until C65-tan's exile in 1991. C65-tan has been a wanderer since then and over the years, she became a pirate and turned aggressive and insane. She has gotten into clashes with C64-tan and VIC20-tan because they thought she was a bootleg. And because of these clashes, she regards all the other Commodore-tans (even C128-tan) as rivals.

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